DO NOT Buy A Solar Generator Until You Watch This Video First


20 thoughts on “DO NOT Buy A Solar Generator Until You Watch This Video First

  1. I got a 1980watt start/running solar gen. My brothers a electrician asked if can this gen run my fridge and freezer at the same time. He said yes and maybe some lighter stuff.
    Also it has charge through charging meaning you can use it while charging. So set up your panels and use your electric hot plate for cooking when its charging as hot plates take up tons of energy.
    Charge all your devices during the day while the gens charging. Also grab a car/marine battery and charge that with a trickle charger. Then use a battery inverter/converter to pull power off that battery. It'll charge/run anything a car battery would run/charge. Just a extra way to store power.

  2. Greetings from the land of ice and snow! 😎☕️🥶 Excellent video as always. Hopefully it will put to rest this topic. 🤔

    It truly boggles my mind that people ask questions that the can simply research on their own. Look, I get it that not everyone is analytical in their thought process.

    Analytical thinking is simple: I start with the end result that I desire and work the problem backwards to figure out and RESEARCH where to begin.

    Perhaps it is the direction that society as a whole is heading towards. Maybe it is part of the dumbing down of society to conform to the agenda of submission., wanting everything done for them. 🤔

  3. Folks, figure out what you need to power up your equipment (in watts – electrical power is expressed in watts, not voltage or amperage) and purchase a generator that can supply 1.5X the added up wattage. You will not power up a 900 watt coffee ☕ pot with a 300 watt generator. Not going to happen.

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