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  2. You mean you don't have to spend $5,000 for "your carpenter" to build you a battery house, $1,000 for mineral wool insulation, $4,500 on batteries, $2,000 on solar panels, and $700 on a new generator plus gas to run the generator to keep the batteries charged? 3 Eggs🥚🥚🥚🥚

  3. Thank you so much for this lesson.. I talked my husband onto an Inergy flex 1500 back in August 2300$ for the damn thing… It's almost December and still haven't gotten it yet but we can still cancel it. The customer service is incredibly passive and non responsive and beginning to question if they're legit because people leaving reviews across the internet are super pissed. Very few reviews of the actual unit.. does ANYONE have any useful information on this specific solar unit? Please 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. THANK YOU for excellent sharing! I have been watching your channel for months, and this is my 1st time commenting. Based on your review video, I used your link and purchased the OUPES 2400W Solar Generator and 240W Portable Solar Panel. So far, so good. My Husband, who is a Master Gardener, and I live in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and we have frequent power outages. We also own a Yamaha 4500 Gas Generator. Appreciate your teaching on preps, too!

  5. Remember through your Winter months if your power goes out unless you have sunshine your solar generator will be as good as dead. Time to kick in that gas generator, I believe this to be your most important generator as well.

  6. I bought into the PATRIOT GENERATOR SCAM…. Barely used it and plugged my refrigerator in to it and fried the outlet… Contacted them for repair and because they had "moved forward with their technology" , they don't offer any service for their "older models". $2800.00 POS

  7. I found a generator I can actually afford in your amazon store. It's not solar but hey we do what we can. DuroMax is supposed be a good one. It has 8 hour of run time means I won't freeze to death while I sleep if we don't have any electric or natural gas. And I want to thank you for taking your time to make these videos for us. You are greatly appreciated.

  8. I just survived hurricane Ian with 140-150 mph winds. I have a Jackery 1100 solar generator & a Rainier 2200 gas generator. We would not have made it on the solar. They don’t charge fast enough. We had full sun and no rain for 2 weeks after and even in full sun it charges 1/3 slower by sun than when using electricity (I used the rainier to charge it). So you’re possibly going to need multiple solar and I’m still skeptical you’d ever get them recharged.

  9. I have purchased 3 Eco flow pro max solar generator to build my system. They did not do work. I am in the process of sending back my third unit in 6 months or less. They just stop working. The customer service is a nightmare with Eco Flo. Please save yourself the trouble that I am going thru.

  10. Hi AP, I took today off of canning. I did clean a little. Tomorrow I clean more and then can more applesauce. Yup, still have apples. Lots of them. It's a blessing. I think you're a blessing too. You have taken the time to explain so much to us. I've been holding off getting a solar generator because of confusion.

  11. Hard to digest. Just one question, what is the best battery type. I’ll watch this when I’m not so tired. Been out in the sun today repairing some storm damage done by Ian

  12. You are a great teacher! Whenever I've read the specs on a generator, it always left me asking, "What does that mean?" and "Why is that important?" and "Which spec is the better one to get?" And you explained those in a manner that I could understand them. So, many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. God bless you for caring about us generator dummies.

  13. I don’t have one but the new EcoFlow Delta 2 with a Lithium iron phosphate battery looks like the new one to beat.
    It has a 1002 wh battery and recharges in about 1.25 hours I think.
    I also saw it for sale on Amazon and Home Depot for $999.99.

  14. I wish people would stop calling it a solar generator. What you speak of is a battery backup system. The “solar generator” doesn’t generate anything. It stores energy. The “generator” is the solar panels

  15. Guess I would need to spend bucks as have several major needs. Problems would include cost, set up, maintenance. So an enormous thing for an elderly. Maybe just get something cheaper to backup for the short term?
    Also, limited sun in winter and foliage in summer.

  16. Build one yourself !!! You can get more power for a fraction of the cost! Get LifePo batteries hands down ! Approx 10 year battery Vs 2 year battery . Not sure how you’d use this in Alaska w so much darkness in a long term grid down situation .

  17. I would think gens BASED on price/size/category/output would’ve been the way to go. In THIS way..nobody has a clue which ones BY BRAND to scratch off their list initially. EITHER way, Thank you for the info!

  18. We bought another generator. Couldn’t afford Solar but happy to have something that will keep my fridge and freezer going. Prepared the best with what we can do.

  19. AP, you're supposed to put this out before I bought mine 😂. I did get the 500 cycle jackery explorer 1000 with two panels. I like that it's light enough that this 54 year old grandma can carry it where I need to. This may be a necessary advantage of the lighter weight but shorter life span battery for other grannies. If I ever hit the lottery, I'll get one that can power the whole house. I already have a duel fuel that can run the whole house; wired into my breaker box.

    I've been watching you for years. Found you through some canning videos ages ago. From one Army vet to another, I love you brother. Keep up the good work.

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