Duracell 660 powersource battery backup power supply / solar generator. why it doesn’t suck.


Poor misunderstood power unit could be a dream come true! here is a link for 7% off of renogy solar and batteries.

Date: August 25, 2023

40 thoughts on “Duracell 660 powersource battery backup power supply / solar generator. why it doesn’t suck.

  1. Lot easier to find lead acid batteries in SHTF scenarios. My Duracell just kept both my freezer and kitchen refrigerator powered up during a recent outage. I charge her up with a 2400w gas generator and call it a day.

  2. Do you have a video showing how you did all this by chance? And a suggestion on what solar power charging kit to buy if I want to have a set up like yours, with the extra battery, So I can charge 400 Watts.

  3. I agree. I could not find another option for large/unlimited battery, sub 2000w inverter, UPS, and low price. I bought the unit use on ebay for $275 shipped. Going to add 2400wh for ~400 including cables. For less than $700 I get 3000wh (1500wh @ 50%), 1440 Watt inverter, and UPS. And the batteries are easily replaced on this system unlike most other solar generators.

  4. I just bought this for camping because I have a really cool tent setup for car camping. So to hear you say it’s no good for camping makes me sad but I’m gonna prove you wrong lol I’m a big guy anyways so carrying 60lbs from my car to a tent isn’t a big deal. Great video though definitely have a new follower

  5. Would this run a 3300w ac unit 8 hours a day with a backup 3800amp deep cycle agm battery and 400w of solar panels? I live in a desert so the sun is abundant. It gets up to °112. My electric bills I close to $500 a month I can't afford that every month.

  6. I did the same thing only I have 330 watt deep cycle batteries and it works fine. I've had no problems for over 3 years now. Keep up the you're going I'll watch.👍

  7. Same way Im using it. In the garage. Pass-thru in the winter when the sun isnt enough. 200W solar with an MPPT controller into the battery, with 2 more SLA batteries daisy chained 3/4 of the year.

  8. Ive seen a few comments people saying they got a refurbished one, in the long term how woukd it measure up against a new unfurbished one?

  9. Great video, man! If I have this charging via AC, will it charge the battery connected to the terminals on the back? Just curious if I need to worry about connecting a tender to the external battery.

  10. This unit is great, I have two Renogy 100ah with four 100w panels, running a small deep freeze, midsize fridge and sump pump, garage door opener and five 12v lights, no not running all the time, works just fine. Awesome video, fine job fine job

  11. Thanks man and great review. I saw these on sale for $299 (refurb) and wanted to know if since it has an SLA battery, if it would work like a traditional UPS. You answered my question.

    I have a home backup gas generator, but it's manual meaning I need to be home to start it up. Which doesn't do me any good if I'm not home.

    I needed something that will run my basement sump pump and freezer for a few hours if I'm ever gone during a power outage. Just enough time to get someone over to my house and turn on my generator. This power station will do exactly that.

    Thanks again for your video, it really helped!

  12. I ordered the Duracell power source early to day and two extra SLA AMG 100 amp hour battery and a 100 watt solar panel I wanna hook up too my two extra batteries just as you did on my camper were I deer hunt at nice video thanks for reaching back to me yesterday

  13. Nice video I'm getting ready to purchase one of these can you please give me some in struction on how to hook up the color panel to charge up some extra batteries Same set as yours I like how had that set up on those extra batteries once again nice video

  14. Ok. So, i bought this last year and thought i made a mistake. I’m soooo glad you did this video! It has worked well for me in several power outages. Now i would like to add the renogy battery and solar charger. I’m unsure of the volts and stuff..this is all new to me…can you post a link to the two units so i can purchase the right ones. Also i keep my Duracell stationary and plugged in even when not using. Is it ok to turn it off for long periods of time?

  15. If your solar charge controller puts out proper charging parameters for sealed lead acid batteries your unit will last a long time I can live with all the flaws but one the same problem that's cost me thousands of dollars a manufacturer setting there unit up to kill the battery every year or so because they want to sell you a new battery for those that sell the booster packs they sell you a new unit every 12 to 14 months basically with this unit you're buying a battery and a modified sine wave inverter and that's it if you want the battery to last you'll need a higher wattage solar controller you also need a charger that will charge sealed lead acid batteries with proper charging parameters check out the proper charging parameters for sealed lead acid batteries when I first started seeing videos on proper charging parameters I thought that the manufacturer of these units would know the proper charging parameters so since my old black and decker was handy I took it apart to find out the battery manufacturer website to find out what they're charging parameters were but written right on the battery was do not discharge below 12.2 float charge is 13.4 and full charge is 14.8 and on the built in charger the voltage was 12 volts so it was no wonder it failed it was dead to start with and being discharged way too far this was something that I didn't expect from a company like black and decker and I didn't expect it from a good brand name as Duracell for something at this price you don't throw out the unit you buy a new battery before I found utube and found out that it wasn't my fault for the units I've bought dieing I bought 2 everstart booster packs with modified sine wave inverter and I noticed after 8 months the amount of boosts I could get from a charge was down from 5 to 3 so now I charge it through the cables with a good battery charger the first time I charged it this way I could only get it to 80% after a few times It now gets to 100 % I had talked to everstart about the unit only charging to 13.1 and they said that was proper so if 13.1 kills the battery in a year imagine what 12.9 will do the good points is the expansion terminals are easy to change through as this video points out if they'd fix the charging parameters this unit would be a good
    Entry level unit for all I bought booster packs for to run drills and recharge my cordless tools battery it would have been great to back up a fridge or freezer it great there is only one other unit this size but nature's generator has the same problem but they have one advantage a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter but at double the price just waiting for one of the 2 to fix the charging parameters then I'll buy so if you've bought one get a charger that will charge sealed lead acid batteries or wait until the battery dies and decide if you think changing the battery every 12 to 14 months is a good thing or buy a charger then and have the battery last 5 to 8 years the problem with that is when the power goes out in 8 to 12 months and your battery has no power to power your. Fridge and you loose everything because you trusted the ups feature I always found out my battery had no power when I went to use it I thought all was good because it registered full charge but 12 volts with no amps wouldn't even turn on the inverter so I bought a new one ps you'll only get 5 to 8 years if you treat the battery right don't take it below 50% too often

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