Easy DIY Solar Generator


In this video we build a super simple DIY solar generator power station Affiliate Links: The battery SFK-300HP …

Date: August 24, 2023

17 thoughts on “Easy DIY Solar Generator

  1. This is exactly what I did! Built 2 systems that can move between all my batteries! Great content on your channel. Pre built solar generators are nice but not practically priced at higher capacity .. you can build it much cheaper and use your favorite components! Also you can swap out individual components if something fails. And it is fun to build.

  2. I made one on a old short ironing board. I poked some of my wiring to the back side to neaten it up. Going to add a plastic channel cover over the wires. Been thinking about the board generators. There are 2 sides to a board, still trying to lay it out in my head.

  3. ———– here is an experiment that anyone with solar panels can do ———–

    i have a 50w mono-crystalline solar panel and have found out that it works via artificial light [i do not know if this works with other types of solar panels] thus may well worth experimenting

    have a spare solar panel or two size dependent of your needs and place them on the wall like you would a picture frame get some 5w or less usb led lights [the bright kind not the dimmer kind] and set them as up-lighters side-lighters or down-lighters or a combination thereof, you [will have to experiment with angle and distance to maximize] that way when you light your home at night you can still keep your batteries etc topped off


    make a light-box for solar-panels

    experiment with other low wattage light sources and see what works best for you

    i found this out due to the solar panel on my emergency wind-up radio powerbank torch showing a red-light for charging whilst on the windowsill at night with just the ceiling light switched on and then tested with larger solar-panel

    since then i have come across a couple of videos on YT about using artificial light with solar-panels including candle-light

  4. Not a bad first attempt. I have one of these controllers in a garden shed. Based on its manual, you need at least 20cm clear space between the side of the controller and the inverter. The inverter will also have all-around free space requirement in its manual. Depending on which country you are in to be code-compliant you'd also need DC isolator switches between the controller and battery, and controller and inverter. Adding an Anderson connector for solar will need a fuse.

  5. This is a joke…. right? That isn't a DIY Solar Generator…. Solar Generators are self-contained with a power source and all the other accouterments in some sort of housing not just stuff stuck on a board and carried around.

  6. Good idea. Can carry the battery and the board separately. Now putting the inverter, mppt, fusing, wiring, andersons in the case and attaching an anderson connector on the battery is the next logical step. I like it Brad. Damn good idea mate.

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