EASY Solar Panel / Generator System for RV – How Long Will It Run? – Bluetti AC300 Review!


29 thoughts on “EASY Solar Panel / Generator System for RV – How Long Will It Run? – Bluetti AC300 Review!

  1. Best video for selecting solar for RV boondocking that I’ve seen! Thank you for explaining everything logically without the need for distracting YouTube “showmanship.” You now have a new subscriber.

  2. Nice vid. If you monitor this, would be interested in your thoughts on small addition to your plan I am considering. Bluetti solar gen and portable solar panels are plan 1…..BUT my rv is prewired for solar (just a roof top connection box and cable routed from roof to storage bay and dead eneded). So there are some great deals on solar panel kits so putting 2-400 watts of solar on roof of rv and then where the cable ends in rv storage… having it dead end but a way to plug extension in so that roof top panels can charge bluetti. I know sometimes parked in shade and will still have portable panels that are better but….with all that roof space and pre wired….seems $400 for 400watts of good fixed rv roof solar might be worth it and then maybe down the road will route into rv and upgrade to lithium batteries etc when I learn more or needs change. Dumb or good idea? Still thinking on it, but lets say you put 1000w of cheap solar fixed on rv roof and just sometimes just cabled it to bluetti…. that is my thought as a option for now . Cheers from Canada

  3. yep thanks for sharing your information I feel good about going ahead and ordering this bluetti I think I'm going to get the one extra battery and 3 of the 350 solar panels What I would like to know is when I order all that will all the cables I need come with it and when I looked at the link you have for the extention cord it was 30 ft can I connect two of those together to make 60 ft

  4. This is the perfect video for me. I'll be going full time, in a travel trailer, and I was having severe doubts about a solar set up. I'd already decided on the AC300 but it's really nice to see that someone else had come to the same conclusion. A big plus is that when I'm done traveling, and want to settle down, I'll already have a home power back-up.

  5. Good video with good info (I'm considering purchasing this system), but please, the difference between watts and watt-hours is important. Watts is power (i.e. a 1500 watt space heater), and watt-hours is power over time or ENERGY (i.e. space heater for one hour = 1500 watt-hours). Solar panels are rated in watts (power), and over time they bring in a certain amount of watt-hours (ENERGY). You captured 2200 WATT-HOURS per day, NOT watts. What you said is like saying 'I drove 60 MPH per day'. Doesn't make sense, does it? (hint: watts multiplied by time is watt-hours) Anyways, electrical engineer rant over.

  6. Excellent video. Concise and full of important facts. I totally agree with your comment about more solar panel capacity than batteries. I have a motorhome and I added additional solar panels to the roof and a connection for portable solar panels prior to thinking about any battery upgrade. Now I’m thinking about just investing in a power station instead of lithium batteries for the exact same reasons that you stated.

  7. Good choice! I also purchased the AC300 and 4 batteries and the 3) 200 watt bundled panels for my camp trailer. I also installed 2 strings of 1000 watts of solar panels on the roof (10-200 watt panels). Added a transfer switch for both A/C and D/C voltage. I haven't tested it out yet, but your usage and makeup information was helpful.

  8. Awesome video. This is the only one I found covering this topic. I have the same setup as yours expect only one shower. The ac300 is a bit out of budget. Do you think a EcoFlow DELTA Max 1600 Portable Power Station could run my setup for a full day? If not what unit if any would you recommend thats under $2,000?

  9. BOy you answered my question! Thank you!!! More solar than adding another (2K$ battery)- are these batteries really only 60ah?! That is wicked expensive. I have the same AC300/2 B300- 410 PV in series on top and a 350 Bluettti PV (which I am so thankful for!). Trying to decide – buy another portable panel 350 or add one on top of the van? Probably have room for another 200-300 (which would be in series rather than parallel).

  10. You can put 200 extra solar input on each battery, as well as 500 using their DC charging enhancer, per battery, if you have 4 batteries you can (in a convoluted way admittedly) get 2800 watts of solar just on the batteries, as well as the 2400 on the AC300 itself. Giving a total of 5200 at full capacity with all the batteries. Taking advantage of all of that, you could really push the limits of what you can put on that AC300. In addition, if you happen to have a solar set up already that converts your existing panels to AC, you can get a bunch more also via AC charging, the bluetti blows the competition out of the water if you want to go full on solar.

  11. With transfer switch I put the solar generator inside my trailer. Ran solar cable inside as well. Can still use external ac connection when necessary. Shore power or gas generator. Really boondock forever.

  12. I’m liking the features now will the app of the bluetti will require after installing wifi or Bluetooth connection to wirelessly turn off on things ? For the model you have I had a question on the ups modes , will it power things throw ac wall and push those wall Amp limits or will the battery kick in if the demand is bigger or there’s an blackout? Will it do it automatically and after energy come back go back to wall power and recharge battery inside the unit ? Does this unit have any real type of internal over voltage watts protection for example in an over voltage Surge from lightning to the solar panels in a rainy day will the company back up a repair of this kind many don’t think it can Happen but I seen solar panel burn a good portion but I don’t know what happens to the energy since it’s milliseconds

  13. Very well done. We are looking at solar generators as a possible replacement for the 10s of thousands or dollars we've seen people dump into solar systems. Bluetti is just release the AC500 which looks great as well. It appears to have a dedicated 50A RV plug which is great for us as we have a large RV. I'm just wondering if we would be able to boondock for a week or 2 at a time with one of these systems. During the hotter months we would definitely need to run at least 1 AC if not 2. Wish we had an opportunity to test one of these systems with our RV to see what it could and could not do for us off grid.

  14. I have a question maybe you could answer. Thinking about getting the 300 but want to know if the battery is charged lets say 100% or close to that and you have it hooked up to 600W of solar will the extra solar (beyond charging the battery) go to run the things you have plugged in or is it just wasted because your things can only run off the battery? Thanks in advance:)

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