EBL Voyager MP1000 Solar Generator Power Station Review + Max Load Test


17 thoughts on “EBL Voyager MP1000 Solar Generator Power Station Review + Max Load Test

  1. Bought mine a week ago and the quality is still there.

    I use unit to drive a 5000btu AC unit a couple hours in the morning and then recharge it.

    It does help to start with the panels a little east in the morning, due south from 11am to 5pm, and then a little west from 5pm til it's over. But frankly, most (80%) of the power comes from 11am to 5pm anyway.

    I use 380kwH per month so this might cut my actual usage to 360kwh? (Roughly 5% or about $5 to $7 per month in the summer?)

    It will run a fridge for 8 to 10 hours. I have a friend who loses power for 6 hours every big storm so it's going to be nice for that.

    It will run a chest freezer for 40 hours.

    It will run laptops, fans, cell phones for about 40 hours.

    It will run LED lights for about a two weeks.

    The unit is not waterproof. You will need a longer cable to keep it inside the house or only put it outside with some kind of water protective cover.


    Hi DUSTIN! I was wondering how much weight you think you could add to a parrot disco before it becomes too unstable to reliably use with autopilot. I was thinking about buying one and conducting an experiment with it.

  3. Pretty nice good for canoe camping where you have room to carry something that size . Looked like charge all day and have power for
    fans lights and some music . Maybe good for say charging 4 mavic air 2 batteries , maybe 4 Phantom 4 pro batteries . Cool review as always thanks .

  4. Another excellent review. The coupons do save a potential buyer quite a bit. So, basically, this unit can handle 8 Amps of AC output. Might be able to power a small 600w – 800w Microwave, with which you could boil water & make coffee. Hey, next review, make 2-3 Margaritas and down them BEFORE you start the review … might be amusing 😆😅😆 No signs of Spring here in NE Ohio, as there's about an inch of snow on the ground & its currently 34 deg. F. The robins & turkey vultures are already back in the area, so Spring can't be too far behind. BTW, took my XK X380 out for a quick test flight the other day with just a Mobius Mini cam on it. About a year ago, I was trying to make the wiring neater, and I blew up my Gitup Git2 cam, Telemetry module & gimbal. The Mobius does have video out which runs to a 200mw VTX, so there's that. I'll probably do a YT video showing that "She's still Alive!" Cheers!

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