EcoFlow 400w Solar Panel Review and Testing with EcoFlow Delta Pro solar generator


37 thoughts on “EcoFlow 400w Solar Panel Review and Testing with EcoFlow Delta Pro solar generator

  1. An easy and also a light construction I made to hold the panels straight: I used six pieces of 1"x1"" wood, made them 110 cm long, three hinges screwed at the top made three pairs that will be easy to adjust to any angel. Then I put three long 1"x 2" , (mine are 190 cm , my panel is just 160w, but still feels big and too flexible)which will support the panel from behind. One of the long woods (can also be a 1"1", I screwed on the top place of the three parallelles, then I make four loops from a rope and put on this top wood, this is to secure the panel by clicking on the OOOO (what are they called in English…) into the loops. The two other long woods are supporting the panel horisontally, the panel leans on them, so the should be 1"2" screwed on flat. I can easely move my panel around, and also change the angel.

  2. Hard to to an unbiased review when you're getting paid and/or sponsored to do a video on said product(s). Of course it's going to be a positive review regardless.

  3. Can you test how the 400 watt solar panel Wattage gets effected if there is only 3 sides to the sun, and 1 bendt behinde the 3. one. And the same for 2 sides with to bent back, and also 1 and 3 bendt?

    And can you bend the solar panel all the ways, like you take it out and unfold it but how far can you bend it the other way?

  4. Thank you for this. Very helpful. I just recently ordered 2 delta pros and the 400 watt panels. It’s on its way, but I’m not sure what else I need to connect the panel to the unit. Does the unit or solar panel come with the cable that connect the 2 or is that separate? What’s it called?

  5. Дякую за чудовий огляд! Я купив собі Delta Max і дуже задоволений. Заряджав його від електричної мережі. Але через обстріли з боку росії у нас в Україні нестабільна подача електроенергії(( Після вашого відео вирішив купити собі такі панелі для резервного джерела живлення. Дякую за детальний огляд!

  6. This is really great info! Thank you for sharing it! I work for an eco-flow distributor and the boss is letting me build a system for my shuttle bus at cost, so I’m trying to figure out which eco-flow panels I can fit onto my bus in order to maximize my solar gain! I’m wondering if you could answer a question for me, since I can’t find the answer elsewhere. I really appreciated the partial shading test you did in your 220W bi-facial video, and I’m wondering if you have done, or would be willing to do the same test with this folding 400W panel? If the faces are connected in parallel and can be shaded like the 220 can, it means that I can stow the panels partially folded for travel, and still expect some real power from them while traveling. Because of your other video, I now know that the bi-facial panels could work for something like this, but the dimensions of these 400W panels work better for the fixed dimensions of my bus, so I really want to know if these panels also put out roughly half power when folded in half. I just subscribed to this channel and would love to see you do that test, if you haven’t already! Thank you!

  7. 3:22 Strangely there is mention on resellers pages that its IP68 that should be waterproof to 3m depth or less. IP67 means it can take under 30min in max depth of 1m under water. Who knows..

  8. Hi all,

    So….I have a hack that I literally just thought of for people who can't afford another Delta Pro or extra battery BUT need additional power and own another ecoflow battery. I have called ecoflow and given them the idea as well and they confirmed that it will in fact work!! I then asked them why they don't tell everyone after I've told them and they said they would "escalate the idea" to their top tier and perhaps add it to their FAQs. So here's the idea: We've been told that you must have like systems in order to use them together. This is NOT actually true. If your Delta Pro is low on power (or any other ecoflow system you have) you can simply plug its charging cable (in the rear) into the front of the secondary system. In other words you're using the second system as a wall outlet of sorts. This works especially well in the evening when the sun is down and there is no more backup energy. What do you do when the sun is up?…even better…plus the second system from the rear into the front of the Delta Pro. This allows the sun to charge them BOTH regardless of the differences of their capacities or sizes!!! The only word of caution they gave me after saying what a great idea this was, was to say don't forget to lower the charging speed on the Delta Pro once it's plugged into the front of the second system. Guys this means you can use anything from a River and up to charge your Delta Pro OR any other ecoflow system. If this works for you please like my comment and say "Thanks T!!" just so I'll know at least I was able to communicate something helpful to the solar community-especially since these systems are sooooo expensive!!

  9. Do Not Buy from EcoFlow. They are a corrupt incompetent company. They took my money and never sent me the product. I lost so much time trying to figure out what was happening. They refused to do anything about it until I filed a claim with Amazon. Amazon refunded my money. Not EcoFlow. They don't care about their customers.

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