Ecoflow Delta 2 MAX 2400w UPS Modular LFP Power Station Solar Generator Review


20 thoughts on “Ecoflow Delta 2 MAX 2400w UPS Modular LFP Power Station Solar Generator Review

  1. Ecoflow is my favorite power station brand, but the form factor is not the best. I highly dislike having the AC outputs on the back. – Great review Professor!!! 👍

  2. Some info on the XT60i connectors and how the extra pin is being used to limit or allow more than 8A:

    Over 8A has the center "i" pin connected to the NEGATIVE lead of the XT60i connector (the side that is not square)

    The cables meant for car cigarette lighter charging have the center "i" pin of the XT60i connector going to the POSITIVE lead. (square side) This limits it to 8A.

    If you build your own cable and do not connect the center "i" pin to either positive or negative, it will default to the 8A limit. Same with normal XT60.

    I have tested the included "car " cable and some 3rd party solar cables to verify this as well as made my own cable.

    Hope this helps.

  3. I always laugh every time you show the DC cigarette style adapters. You seem to always "finger" them good. Who knows? Keep that up long enough, you'll be fisting those adapters before you know it. Nice! LOL!

  4. I discovered why Ecoflow USA stumbles and chokes on tech . The only tech personal I could find are a generous amount of boiler room sales technicians . That's why I Need too contact Hobo Tech . Those guys I have been charged with haven't a clue , but they will sell you anything . Don't know why but take your money and tell you there are No returns under any circumstances . Go Bluetti

  5. Thank you (again) for the in-depth review.

    My two takeaways are that using an EcoFlow product as the front end of a solar solution can’t be beat. The software and outputs are top notch.

    But, it seems it would be better and cheaper to use server rack batteries combined with a decent MPPT controller as a back end solution if you were hoping or planning to continue to expand you capacity over the years?

  6. What if you used XT60i connectors for the “Solar” connections? You might be able to get to the full 1000w. With EcoFlow these are the preferred connectors.

  7. Sorry if I missed it but was the parasitic DC test with the 12V and USB circuitry on, or just the 12V?

    I was also wondering if you were more or less over testing solar panels? I know the panel tech itself is pretty much a commodity, but the accessories and means of setting up and using the panels is not. Based on this review I got a Delta 2 MAX with the 220w bi-facial panel as a prime day deal. After having experience with the shockingly easy to use Jackery 100w panel, I found that the Ecoflow 220w is shockingly unwieldy. It would have been nice to know ahead of time, and I'm not sure if I would have bought it if I knew the following:

    1. The "stand" for the panel is just the case…which you have to place face down in the dirt/mud to use.
    2. There are no real "handles" on the panel…which contains glass and is heavy, which is a serious dropping hazard. It's literally just one big sheer surface.
    3. The cable that comes with the panel is only about 6' long, so to charge the $2000 Delta 2 MAX, I have to haul it outside and leave it there, out in the open, for hours to charge.
    4. As you noticed with the power station, you need an XT60i cable to effectively charge from the panel. So to get an extension cable, you either have to find an MC4 to XT60i cable of decent AWG and length (which I have been unable to do) or you need to buy a PAIR of MC4 cables and run BOTH across your camp site to the Ecoflow MC4 to XT60i cable, and then to the power station…
    5. Setting up the panel as one person is a b****, as the panel will not fold open and stay that way. It's covered in like a rubberized plastic coating, which remembers that it was folded, and keeps trying to fold back up, while you're using your two hands to try to unfold the four panels.

  8. Do you think the MPPT charge controller has issues working with a traditional power supply? My Delta Max works great, pulling its full 800W easily from my panels. I can’t see why the new D2Max wouldn’t work properly?

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