Ecoflow DELTA 2 or a Jackery 1000?? No brainer choice on where to spend your $$$$$


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Date: August 25, 2023

38 thoughts on “Ecoflow DELTA 2 or a Jackery 1000?? No brainer choice on where to spend your $$$$$

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  2. I've used the Jackery 1000 now for more than a year and the Ecoflow Delta 2 for two months. The Ecoflow's electronics is more sensitive than a woman's feelings. The EF must be used with a surge protector plug together with a voltage protector plug when charging via AC to protect the electronics inside. Yes, the EF can be used as an UPS/EPS, but the unit's fail rate is almost 99% when permanently used that way.
    I think the % return rate for repairs on EF units must be high compared to Jackery (this aspect you will not read/hear in any online review).
    The Jackery 1000 is rugged and there is no fancy technology and electronics – it's old school. After a year of using it almost daily during loadshedding in South Africa, the Jackery is still 100% ito battery life and everything is working perfectly. Only time would tell on the EF Delta 2.
    If I would choose a unit for outdoors, the EF will stay home.

  3. I don't think it's always a case of more lifecycles = more better. Depends on your use-case. If you're using the thing mostly for going camping let's say a month a year, and you're putting let's say 50 cycles a year on it, the smaller weight that comes with the Jackery might be a more useful argument than the pure amount of cycles, since you'll take years to get there anyway. If you're using it as a back-up in your home, then yeah, by all means.

  4. The Solar/car charging input port on the EcoFlow Delta 2 IS NOT FUSED and WILL BURN OUT. EcoFlow only honors input from their foldable panels. Now it needs repair and EcoFlow won't do it.. You gotta check those little details. I don't know about any others in this regard.

  5. I don't think you covered this. But I know that for example, the jackery 500 is NOT good for powering a camping fridge because if it runs TOO efficient, and only draws like 1 or 2watts it'll turn off. Then1000 fixes this by turning off after 12hrs, much more reasonable.

    Will the delta 2 be able to sustain at very low power draw as well?

  6. "LIFE CYCLES", as discussed in this video? The life cycle of this video is rather short as I just purchased the EcoFlow for a lot less than the Jackery price. Competition is great. Life cycles of video's ain't so much. None of these companies is going to allow their competition to outsell them with price for long.

  7. I love my eccoflow delta 2 so much in fact I bought 2 more eccoflow units after it the river 2 and river pro. All work really well so far for me. I also have 2 anker powerhouses the 555 and 757 witch are great too. Both good companies to deal with in my opinion!

  8. Jackery has the new 1000 pro that I believe has 1000 cycles now. The Jackery having one carry handle looks easier to transport. Since I'll be taking it on the road, I went with the new Jackery. The Bluetti was a 2nd choice. I doubt I'll ever in my lifetime use 1000 cycles. If I do, it still will operate at 80%. By then, technology will make all of these choices obsolete.

  9. You should compare the Jackery 1000 Pro to the Delta 2. That's more of an even comparison. I have the Jackery 1000 and Jackery 100 Pro. The Pro is much better. I don't like the super loud fans for the Delta. I have the River Pro. The app is a pain to setup. But I still like it. It's available for a great price at Costco right now. I'm getting the Bluetti AC200 Max next.

  10. Earlier this week it was so cold we had rolling power outages. Thirty minutes the power was off, then five minutes the power was back on. This went on for three hours. The Delta 2 could at least top up the battery in that 5 minutes. LFP and rapid charging are the most important features for me.

  11. Dealbreaker is a matter of intended use. I have both units and agree that the EcoFlow is better in every respect but one. The noise made by the
    Eco flow is not a little bit louder it is dramatically louder and would make the unit unacceptable for use with a CPAP machine. When I say loud I mean jet aircraft on final takeoff. Will keep them both as the EcoFlow runs appliances that will not run with a Jackery

  12. i paid 899 for my Delta 2 today with a black Friday deal through affirm Walmart. not a bad deal. I already have a delta mini I' m in love with!! LOVE that it charges in under and hour and I got the Delta 2 so I could expand later on. Mine is for power outages. Does the job well. I will ask anyone watching. will my river max (yes i have one of those too..i should work for ecoflow) will it run my router? I never tried. Im an Ecoflow fangirl Brian….lol…I was about to buy a jackery and something i saw stopped me. Im so happy with my ecoflows

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