EcoFlow Delta 2 Refrigerator Test with EcoFlow 220 Watt Solar Panel


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Date: August 24, 2023

38 thoughts on “EcoFlow Delta 2 Refrigerator Test with EcoFlow 220 Watt Solar Panel

  1. Thanks for covering this use case! I just helped get a family member's fridge through a power cut with my Delta 2 + 3rd party 200W panel. Worked like a champ!
    Took 3-4 hours of the fridge running at 120W to get down to temp, and then the fridge dropped to under 10W at idle. Very rarely needed to cycle on the compressor to cool it back down, as we weren't opening it often.
    Even with only ~70W of power coming in (overcast and smokey), we were able to bridge the gap before the power company fixed the line.
    One quality of life item, I got a 30ft solar power cable, so I could keep the Delta 2 inside and out of the elements while rearranging the panels out in the yard.
    Tempted to get another 200W panel, just in case 😀

  2. Nice experiment though. It might be better to get the extra battery ecoflow sells for this unit and get more solar panels to provide all you need.

  3. Being an old commercial refrigeration mechanic, I have to tell you that 28 deg won't prevent food spoilage. It might be slower than out on the counter with no refrigeration. But somewhere around zero or even below is best. Supermarket freezers routinely produce minus 10-20 deg temp to preserve food and allow you to get it home on hot days without spoilage. Colder is better. Essentially you are slowing down the growth/movement of bacteria by making it colder. Colder the better.

  4. Been debating getting this and throwing it in my suv, i plow snow in the winter so all i need is something to kick on a small dc fridge and maybe a heated blanket every night for an hour or so

  5. I don’t see the purpose of cycling the refrigerator on and off. If the panels make enough electricity to fully charge the Delta on a sunny day from a very low charge level, discharging it to 40 or 50% and letting the refrigerator sit there unpowered for hours then turning the generator back on only to drop the temp. of the refrigerator back down to what it was before you shut it off makes little sense to me. This is especially true if the generator is fully charged while there is still sun. Then those panels are feeding the generator more power while the sun is out than the refrigerator needs to run. It is theoretically a waste.

    I have a small Bluetti unit that I have conducted some experiments with and I have a Delta 1300 on the way. I will have a total of 6 100 watt HQST panels which I plan to run 3 in parallel with the other 3. This may be overkill and overload the generator. If it does, I will just run 2 in parallel with the other 2. It will be nice not to toss all my food in the refrigerator away after a hurricane.

    I am also looking for advice on charging one with a non-inverter gas generator. Of course I would connect a quality surge protector between the gas generator and solar generator.

  6. Keep in mind “Refrigerator” has a defrost cycle every 24 hours (in my case) defrost do use a lot of power in more watts added to it.
    If someone knows how to hack and add a bypass switch to the defrost device, please share.

  7. This is what I needed to know about cycling the usage if using appliances like a refrigerator. I met a guy that even claims it can run off a washer with a couple of loads in tow . If that’s the case, that would bolster my use of the Delta that I have . But yes, this helps bring things into a better perspective. Thank you ! 🙏🏽

  8. So that’s just with one 220w solar panel. Would 2 220w solar panels be enough to run 2 full sized refrigerators then? I’m new to this so I’m not sure. I just got them both for $999 on prime day sale. Maybe by next year I can double everything since there is a plug to connect additional batteries and up to 500w solar

  9. How did you come up with the 75% efficiency? I just saw another test using a 1500w heater and the delta 2 ran for 28.5minutes which is 85% efficiency. 90's is great, 85 is good and 70's is considered poor. Is it software or hardware?

  10. I just bought this exact. Set up. At. well botts. Trying to learn all I can this was a great video. For me. Glad to see a long extension cord. Was used. Is this video. Is there. a specific type I should purchase. Do I need any other cables. To run the 220 watt panel Have not took the panel out of the box. Yet. Purchase was for a freezer. And frig

  11. I received my Delta 2 today. Solar panels are still on the way, so I charged it up with AC. Plugged in my basement fridge to it and have not opened the fridge or freezer since then. 7 1/2 hours later I’m still at 70% charge! If you can avoid opening the fridge as much as possible and if you can hook up solar to it while it runs the fridge, you shouldn’t need to cycle the fridge on and off.

  12. My god how nerdy and wonderful this is! Oh my god how I love this video! Thank you! I have to buy one of these now! I'd like to see a test charging a hybrid car with the solar panel. My hybrid charges to full in about three hour from a normal wall socket.

  13. Great video. Should have used the kickstand that came with the bifacial panel. Its interior is white and helps reflect sunlight to the backside of the panel. I have a Delta 1300 + 220 b/f panel. Haven’t done a solar longevity test as yours but my Delta will run my LG bottom freezer/fridge for 23 hours without charging. A real game changer.

  14. Hello,how do i look through a historical graph of inputs and outputs load? I dont see it in the app with my delta 2! Though i can see it in videos of other owners of ecoflow…

  15. Kind of off subject here but I keep hearing how the PV panels (in your yard) is "plug and play". Would you be able to use one or more of those panels to power the Ecoflow?

  16. So I've heard when I bought my Honda 2000w generator that if you ran the gen an hour in. The morning and an hour at night the contents of the refrigerator would be fine if you kept the refrigerator doors closed. I never tried it though. But I was thinking a small generator like that would work very well paired with that ecoflow Delta 2 for charging it quickly and fully. Thanks for your testing

  17. An interesting video. We've just received our Delta 2 and 220w solar panel, bought specifically to run our freezers during a power cut. The freezers have a 7-8 hr melt limit, if you don't open the doors. We plan to wait about 5 hrs into the power cut, run the Delta 2 for an hour or so, and use that cycle until power is restored. It's all a bit of a learning curve. I saw someone who put a bowl of ice cubes into the freezer at his off-grid place. That way, if he came back later and found the ice cubes completely melted (whether it later re-froze or not), he knew he had to ditch the food. We will have to adjust the app settings so the Delta 2 still runs if the fridge clicks itself off for a while. Can't comment on the solar panel as the UK weather has been so rubbish recently but we're looking forward to hopefully getting some free power and maybe even use it to power an aircon unit in the summer. Aircon? UK? Who'd have thought it!

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