EcoFlow Delta vs EGO Nexus Power Station Head2Head solar generator


25 thoughts on “EcoFlow Delta vs EGO Nexus Power Station Head2Head solar generator

  1. For all us Nexus Power Station owners, I’d love to extend the life of the battery to a LiFePO4 battery, ideally a 5KWhr 48v Server Rack.

    If you take your EGO Link backpack adapter (BH1001), and remove the connection cable from the backpack (or simply buy a replacement cable ARC1500), can you connect the backpack adapter to the Nexus slot, and the other end of the cable directly to the + & – leads of the LiFePO4 battery. Thanks much, love the content.

  2. I see that ego 7.5 mah batteries are $350. What's the cheapest tool they sell that comes with a 7.5 battery? I'm trying to see if it pays to buy a battery or a combo of something.

  3. I need something like this for my sump pump to serve as backup to the backup battery once it's depleted. Start up wattage on pumps are high and wish I knew if either of these can handle the load?

  4. I have the ECOFLOW Delta Max (2000) in my van life van lol Ran it for 2 years.
    It straight up died on me right at the 2 year warranty mark.
    I called customer service and with in 2 weeks it was replaced with a new one.
    Great service but the life span is scary

  5. No pass charge. Separate things to buy for standard things on comparables have to use an app to know what should be on board especially at the 2k price range they really messed up "ego" in my opinion😎

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