EcoFlow Glacier Solar Ice Maker Dual Zone 12v DC Fridge Freezer Review


31 thoughts on “EcoFlow Glacier Solar Ice Maker Dual Zone 12v DC Fridge Freezer Review

  1. Hello, If you have it connected to your vehicles 12v soclet. Could you have it run off the 12v car socket when driving, and then when that  turns off, continue running it through the night on the fridges battery?
    Would it always be connected to bluetooth on the smartphone  so you could mo itir the battery?

  2. Wow – the ice maker made me curious. But as you said, I makers are power hungry, and this one seems no exception to me. The tiny ice cubes look like 30Wh – to make them compare to ice cubes from the larger consumer AC ice makers, the power meter would probably show 50+Wh. And the the larger consumer ice makers with AC-power don't seem less efficient. They may use 200W?, but with output at least 4 times/hour which would mean 50Wh/production run. Neat idea, but not for me. Hard to keep the ice maker clean. I do like the dual zone, however. But at this point I would opt for a well known (for durability) Engel (like the MR-040). Pair this with 18V power-tool batteries (no need for DCDC-conversion, box will use the 16-20V range from those batteries) and a deep discharge protection, and you have a pretty solid and flexible setup – stationary or battery-portable.
    For those curious: A 18V 6Ah battery will run up to 12 hours in a cold environment, but in a hot car parked in the summer-sun, one battery will hardly last for 2 hours (ass refereed to fridge temps, not deep-freeze temps).

  3. AVOID THIS FRIDGE!! I just got mine, first use outside in 82 degrees, in the shade, the battery only lasted 4 hours in fridge only mode ?? You got 12 hours and used 72%!! I did put room temp beer in there though, but still, real world use is a lot less unless I got a bad battery which I've yet to hear back from Ecoflow support

  4. I got my Glacier today, and I had to get Xfinity to "split" my wifi so I had a 2.4ghz and a 5ghz… but aside from that, this s$!t runs on my [regular] River PRO… with ice maker… and NO EXTRA battery and no problems so far.

    Not sure who needed to hear that, but I hope I helped.

    P.S. love your videos, sir.

  5. I was looking and waiting for someone to mention no Ecoflow DC port. That's a deal breaker for me. How much more efficient the Glacier would be connected to a Delta Max/Pro. I bet it will be on the next generation just like they improved the Wave.

  6. Most Ecoflow products are very well-designed and make sense. This frig and ice maker combo and battery charging usage features do not reflect traditional Ecoflow product design style. I think this is a 3rd party product that Ecoflow purchased and put its brand name on it. I am hoping there will be a version 2.0 to address all those issues .

  7. I know this product is slightly out of your wheel house but would you consider reviewing the Ryobi 18V ONE+ 24Q HYBRID POWER COOLER?

  8. I love my Eco Flow River Pro and use it all the time! This absolutely needs a DC connection into the fridge!! I will buy a different DC fridge cooler. I don't need an ice maker or freezer.

  9. This is pointless if I cant hook it up to my Eco Flow River Pro and Delta on DC power! For me get rid of the ice maker and 99% of the time i would only use it on fridge mode.

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