EcoFlow River 2 PRO 800w LiFePo4 UPS Power Station Solar Generator Review


39 thoughts on “EcoFlow River 2 PRO 800w LiFePo4 UPS Power Station Solar Generator Review

  1. Hi @Hobotech. Thank you for your technical review!
    I have purchased this product and I encountered a major issue with the 12V car charging; after 6 weeks it stopped charging. I got a replacement and a new charging cable. It lasted 2 days 😮….
    Ecoflow does not have an answer for me what's the problem. Other than replacement of refund. But that is not a solution! I live in EU but in US also many such cases are known. I have a Jeep Renegade with a euro6 engine, maybe the problem is in the alternator output? I would verder much like to stick with EF r2p, do you know a solution?

  2. I bought the river 2 pro after watching your video and then discovered something! The DC input in the back is an XT60i! If you get the "i" it can handle 13a instead of the 8a the XT60 can. Your test bumped against the 8a limit of the XT60 plug I'm guessing you used.

    And it can do simultaneous charging but has a hard limit of 800w. If you set the AC charging lower I've seen it charge from both as long as you are under the hard limit. So no massive charging from everything but it can take input from both at the same time. I see mine do it everyday in the morning since the battery discharged to my backup reserve limit and it starts trickle charging from AC and then also solar until the solar can handle the load.

  3. Thank you for your amplifier test. I planned on running to small low current amps for guitar and voice. You saved my day when you revealed the amp buzz when powered by the Ecoflow! Does the Bluetti, Jackery or Anker also create amp buzz? Thank you!

  4. I wonder if the UPS/EPS function takes different time to switch over depending on load. The laptop was pretty light load. I'm looking at 100-200w of desktop computer switching.

  5. looking at one of these — does anyone know: will ecoflow honor the warranty if I purchase it on Amazon vs eco flows website??? some companies won't unless its from an "authorized dealer" is amazon "authorized"????

  6. I purchased this and a Setpower portable fridge/freezer. I ran the firdge/freezer in our car for 5 hours with just the ecoflow river 2 pro. After 5 hours the pro was still at 78%. Pretty impressive in the middle of a Tucson day (110 deg). Quite happy with my purchase.

  7. The 220W Bifacial Solar Panel is quite fragile – it cracked while putting it back in the carry bag after the first use! NOT RECOMMENDED!!

  8. When the screen shows 800+ watts charging and 20+ watts discharging before the switch over test, doesn't that mean the computer is always running off the eco and not house current?

  9. I'm a homeless truck driver. I could really use one of these for the truck…..which I live in. Would you consider selling me one of these. I don't want it for free I'm willing to pay whatever you think is fair. I watch all your reviews and actually really like the vigorpool. You gave that one a great review. Thanks for the vids. Keep it up

  10. Isn't it true that the other difference between a UPS and a EPS is that when there's power the battery in a UPS is bypassed while in an EPS the battery is always being used (it is drained and charged at the same time) thus running an EPS as a UPS will reduce the life expectancy of the EPS battery? What are your thoughts?

  11. Brand new out of box. Anything plugged in to A/C trips OVERLOAD w/o even turning on. Any help asap b4 send back? Ecoflow site list troubleshooting for any other than River Pro 2. What's that about?

  12. Hey Hobotech! Can you do a musician test using the boss NS2 noise canceller to determine if its effective? I have Rig 2 and Riv 2 512, will be getting pro.

    How about a review on icy breeze portable ac? Not telling you your business, just a fan suggestion…..

  13. Can you add additional batteries to this model? It appears you can as Echoflow sells a "EcoFlow RIVER Pro Extra Battery" but I've Yet to see this mentioned in any reviews. I could have easily missed it but ? ?

  14. question for u..
    If used 24/7 as UPSs, what do you think the life span would be? I read that this is a bad idea for gen1 – but the EPS feature has me rethinking.

    I have 4 areas in my home that draw 70 to 120watts – each on APC UPSs – two of which are powered by inverter/AGMs. For the other two I have a few gen1 river pros I can move around as needed to maintain creature comforts in the event of power outage. I'm curious about upgrading these two ups's to the gen2s

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