EG4 18K after 1 Megawatt Hour! Is it worth the $$$?


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Date: August 25, 2023

35 thoughts on “EG4 18K after 1 Megawatt Hour! Is it worth the $$$?

  1. I am looking for backup power mostly. I have been looking at the EcoFlow Power Kits but everyone is telling me this panel is more cost efficient. I am not going to have enough solar to sell back to the grid so I only need this to be backup power only. DOes anyone have recommendations or help in this area.

  2. What's the minimum input wattage* on this unit? 🤔

    Read the manual and it only states DC input range of 100-600v..

    More specifically my PV array I recently scooped up is 10.8kw and would like to pair to this inverter to power a shop. I like the industrial quality of this unit and I completely agree, you get what you pay for.

    reliable AC power is not just designed easily.

  3. Hey Will, I just recently installed this unit. Having an iasue with the unit recognizing the eg4 batteries. I have been using these eg4 products since the very beginning. I have pv connected. No grid. No wifi. Totally off grid. 6 batteries with 52vdc. Is this a fluke circumstance. Most videos I have seen dont address the very initial power up sequence. They kinda skip from batteries to the unit powering loads. Why is this. The claim is that it works "straight outa the box" I have been using Schmeider "Straight outa the Box" and it truly works that way. Been installing since 2009. Feedback appreciated. Thanks will.

  4. Hi Will, I’m curious about being able to run a generator thru this to charge the batteries thru a eg4 genverter as a redundant/ alternative backup charging system along with solar panels and grid tie when power goes out and would also work as an off grid system in a SHTF situation? Also looking into the new battery you just reviewed that will go with this system instead of the LL batteries, any suggestions / input would be greatly appreciated.

  5. You mentioned in a previous video that there was no reason for soft-start on inductive loads and just make sure you size the system or The surge current of the devices in question. My question is what's wrong with adding soft-start to the inductive loads to eliminate getting your inverters hit regardless of their ability to handle it.

  6. I live in Las Vegas and my house came with solar. I am trying to find out the best way to add to the system. I can't seem to get a straight answer from the company who installed it. Can anyone help me?

  7. I like the EG4 products one thing I like to see in a review which I don't see is how much heat is generated based on loads. That has to be considered because living in a hot climate like Phoenix I have to cool it with AC. How much of the PV power will be used to cool the thing.

  8. @WillProwse, if you are looking for things to do, I would like to know more about the "why" some batteries play nice with some inverters, and some don't. Some more technical information about can bus, modbus, speedwire and other communication protocols, etc…

    Also I have problem I cannot wrap my head around… I have a SMA 10kW 3 phase inverter (STP10.0-3SE-40) with a BYD HVS battery of 10kWh. The inverter is set to stop using the battery on 15% (it will only use the remaining power for the backup ciruits). So i have 8.5kW of battery available. But each day, I only get about 6.5kW out of the battery, but during the day, it charges around 8.7kW. The battery should have an efficiency of 96% and the inverter between 92% and 98%. The battery stays very cool and the inverter is somewhat hot, but nothing that would explain a loss of 2kW. All the cells of the battery are also the same voltage and are healthy according to the app.
    I really don't know what I could test. I'm starting to think the inverter is measuring the values from the battery wrong. Do you have any ideas?
    in juli the battery charged 180kWh and discharged 143kWh (with 10 still in it, so let's say, 153kWh) – that is an efficiency of 85% – is that normal???

  9. Some people have adopted the notion that having a harsh opinion makes them an expert. It does not. It just makes them someone with a harsh opinion. Ignoring them is the healthy approach. OTOH, your valuable expertise is well worth listening to.

  10. Mister will. I'm sorry if you've already answered this question but I cannot find an Answer Anywhere and I have watched all of your videos. If I were to use this inverter either single Or in parallel with another one. What would happen if my house usage exceeds the output capacity. Would there be problems or would the inverter supply what it can and the rest come from grid?

  11. Hi Will, I've been watching your videos for some time and I need some help and I'm sure you're too busy to answer, but maybe someone here will be able to. I am building my retirement home in Macon, Georgia and I want to stay OFF grid and go pure solar. I currently use on average 50-60 kWh of electricity strictly from the grid in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm assuming I will use the same when we move to Macon with about the same configuration of house size, appliances, HVAC, etc. I'm thinking I need at least 2 LV6548v inverters (so I can have 240v) and about 12 of the EG4 server rack batteries. What if I need more power? It looks like you can only daisy chain up to three of the LV6548v together? If that's true, what would I need in order to be able to expand even further if needed? I know I would need more panels and batteries, but what else? What system setup would I need to make sure I can produce 50-60 kWh per day even if there is no sun for a day or two. I believe Macon is one of the sunniest cities in the US, so at least I've got that going for me. 😉

  12. Ok I'm new. Just got solar installed on my home. There's no battery backup with the system. IS this product something that can be installed with what I have currently to Be a backup?

  13. Hello, I am looking for an inverter unit that will allow me to run my loads first from my PV array and charge my battery bank that is grid assisted. When solar production shuts down switch to battery power until down to 80%. Then switch to grid. Also is this inverter capable of not charging the battery bank until the PV array starts back up in the morning? The Idea is to avoid peak hrs with the battery bank and recharge with solar as much as possible with out exporting battery power to the grid.

  14. Trying to design a 100% off grid (3) tiny cabin system for an island. Need help. Can we talk about how to go about this? The good news is I haven't purchased anything yet. It's in Northern New York St. Lawrence County on Black Lake. Pleaseet me know. Kev

  15. I just purchased this unit over the pair of the 6500s for my off-grid property. In order to do so and stay within my budget I settled for half of the battery capacity(For now). I can always add those later as funds permit. A big part of my decision is the simplified wiring and load balancing because it is all one unit. With the pair of 6500s I would have to ensure I spread the 120v loads evenly across the units while leaving enough headroom for things like a well pump and air conditioners. The extra surge capacity of this unit gives me more confidence. I'm really looking forward to seeing what this thing can do. Thank you for all the information and advice Will! 🙂

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