EGO Nexus Generator (!BUYER BEWARE!)


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  1. Perspective. There are some relevant points. IMO the pass thru is the biggest downside for the Nexus. I have 3 Bluetti’s AC200P, 1 Ecoflow Delta and a Nexus 2000w power station with 4×7.5ah batteries. I bought these units at a high discount via pallet sale. I would never pay retail for these. The Bluetti set up in this video is not a cost effective setup either for solar. One can get an EG4 3000w power unit with a 5kw lifepo4 battery for way less than this Bluetti setup in this video. And it will be able to charge @ 5000w of solar. People should understand the tools they are buying and weigh all the pros and cons. I use all my systems constantly. I like my Nexus power station even with all it’s limitations. Why? I have a bunch of EGO power tools. I use my nexus power station in my temporary kitchen. Besides using the 7.5ah batteries on my garden power tools, they also power my electric recumbent trike and performs better than a 48v ebike battery. One can’t be mad at this Nexus Power Station for it’s limitations. It can’t compare to the Bluetti for solar applications. But the Bluetti’s battery can’t detached to power my garden tools either.

  2. I get it that ppl want to use the ego batteries for multiple applications but I like how you’ve presented the fact that this lasts longer for merge by applications and I will be looking into this because I’ve never heard of it. And if you can solar charge it nearly as fast or as fast as your u delete it then that is a huge selling point. I don’t know if this will take the place of my tri fuel enerator but in the case of there is no gas or propane to be found than this would be huge, ego has some cool things but I’m not sure if they are there yet on the generator. If it could charge and be used at the same time then I might consider it and I was about to buy one. I do however like the new 400 watt power inverter. I think this is a quick grab in an emergency if you need to power an oxygen concentrator or want to keep your freezer going. I used it on my shed today because due to an injury I’ve yet to hook up the electric and it powered my work bench lights and fan and over head lights and power stop on a 10 ah battery for two hours and didn’t drop a bar on the battery. Ego has the batteries priced way too high, they should drop the price and ppl would buy more because if you compare it to a Tesla battery they are like a 1000% mark up is what I’ve heard. I like the ego platform but will be looking into this generator, j hate dragging out my fuel generator and gassing up and then having to drain the gas to put away, it’s just a hassle and it’s loud, puts off carbon monoxide and this looks like a breeze, nice review. If you have any follow up would like to know

  3. I own ego tools and the nexus generator. I am very happy with my choice. It works well in emergency situations and is reasonably powerful. The advantage is that I can use the batteries for the lawn equipment and in the event of a power failure. The bluetti is a dedicated piece of equipment for backup situations. I charge my ego batteries separately via a solar charger then just hot swap them. I don’t feel that you are comparing apples with apples really. Also, people who buy ego equipment can probably afford to buy a bluetti as well. 😊

  4. The investment for the Bluetti is large $$, the company is in China, reviewers on Amazon are already stacking up months later some with models as yours that no longer work, and are getting no response from the company. Bluetti is a hit or miss, meaning you either get one out of the box that is great and stays great, or you are cheated of your $2000 up you spent to get it all together. And while it looks good on paper, in all honesty EGO is smarter as if the batteries go bad, they are swappable, you will not be stuck with an over-heavy brick that doesn't operate, and most people have the EGO because they invested in other tools with the battery, and now EGO has out this pad5000 inverter that does allow pass-through – and if they keep listening to their customers may eventually come out with a nexus with same capability that would mean small investment for current battery owners to upgrade to.

    If the Chinese generators that look fabulous on amazon lived up to their invented-tisements those would be bargains, but haven't seen one that doesn't end up to be just another China-con job when the heat gets going and the products start malfunctioning.

  5. yeah this made more sense to me since I already had the batteries. I occasionally need 2000w support for like a espresso machine, or my miter saw on a rolling table at a project. All my batteries are 2-6 years old and they all still seem to charge to 92-100%. Think if I was going to go full power though at a building I have across the yard with no power I’d probably go EG4 and just put it on a dolly so I can move it around easier.

  6. I had already invested in ego for my yard tools so picking up the Nexus made sense over buying another brand power pack. I have the big batteries and have run my fridge for a few days when the power went out. I keep the batteries topped off all the time for emergencies. My only complaint is that there is no through charging. You can't run anything if you're charging or maintaining the batteries

  7. It's NOT a generator. It's a large battery back/inverter. While nice for power outages to keep the fridge running, it will NOT generate power. As for the "auto deplete", that BS. My batteries last in the garage from Fall until to Spring (Oct to April), while not losing a charge. More BS on your part. Do you work for or are paid by Bluetti??

  8. The Nexus powerstation is not a generator it's an inverter, the batteries are charged through a solar panel extension or a ac outlet, a generator would have some sort of a alternator to create its own power

  9. They have different jobs. I own both. I bought my nexus for $499 with no batteries because I own other Ego tools. I have 114amp hours or 6384 watt hours of power to use while hot swapping batteries!….that is more power than the bluetti ac200max and two batteries that you show…..and you spent 8 times as much money.

  10. Thank you for this video which is filled with valuable information. Since I have a few EGO tools/batteries, I was considering an EGO backup generator. Thanks to your video I will steer clear of the EGO products and instead consider the Bluetti.

  11. This larger machine is great except I can’t run my lawn mower with it or chainsaw or zero turn riding mower or blower or weed eater or pole saw or my snow blower. I guess it would be good in power in the house goes out. Other than that I would have no use for it.

  12. Is there someone who thinks the Ego Nexus is a good solar generator? It's for tools, the generator is just a bonus add-on to run tools in the field. I guess if you did ZERO research you might of bought this as a backup.. but I find this very hard to believe.

  13. Totally different applications. The ego and others like it are inverters. Why they even have chargers is interesting. It runs my camper overnight. I have the Ryobi generator and have never plugged it in to charge batteries. That doesn't even make sense. If the batteries die I simply put in more batteries. The idea is to use multiple batteries for extended survival use. How you charge the batteries is up to you but has nothing to do with this inverter. Worrying about not being able to charge batteries while you're using the inverter? If you have AC power what are you using the inverter for? It does not have the downside of an internal battery that is dead when it's dead. Just pop in a few more charged batteries.

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