Energizer Portable Power Station P320 Solar Generator Off-grid/Outdoor Power


Today we are featuring this great little power station from Energizer. Heather and I just love this unit. It’s not to big and it’s not to …

Date: August 24, 2023

27 thoughts on “Energizer Portable Power Station P320 Solar Generator Off-grid/Outdoor Power

  1. If you’re off grid and rely totally on solar, your best bet for charging your batteries is a bi-fuel generator. If you’re not getting sun for your solar panels to charge your home batteries how are you going to charge that little Energizer battery supply? That little battery will be dead in just a few hours….

  2. Can I use a laptop charger as the wall charger. The laptop charger is 19.5 volts. Can’t remember ER the amps tho. So I was wondering if it the same for the pack.

  3. I don’t understand the watts hours on the paperwork. I usually use the amp hours of the battery to know how long and how powerful it is. I learned a while back to understand the capacity of the battery but when I know the amp hours of the battery itself not the total watts hours

  4. shhhhh. don't tell heather i dropped it……. she's standing right there holding the camera…… lol.. now all you need is for the jackiery to send you a battery pack for review. and you'll be set.
    hope the rain ends soon and you get some sun. stay well

  5. I have the 630W version of this with the 100W panel, I have been using it all week aboard the boat for charging my laptop, phone and tablets and portable dvd player, its been working perfectly, and not dropped below about 85%, it recharges reasonably quickly just using the panels, my only comment would be that if you use the panels on the roof of a boat, use something to secure them to the boat, a pretty strong gust took the panels off the boat and dunked them into the river, the panels dont float longer than enough to give you a small hope of retrieving them, i got turned round and the panels disappeared to the bottom when my hand was just feet away, new panel on order as the river flows too fast to safely dive on them.

  6. A smart investment for sure, very handy. I think the row of connectors in the pack may be that of things like laptops for instance, as I know each brand have a different DC input connection plug size/style, like HP have one, Acer has another etc. Good work on the review, it is appreciated.

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