FFpower Solar Generator 2000W… My favorite for affordable power backup

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Date: August 24, 2023

25 thoughts on “FFpower Solar Generator 2000W… My favorite for affordable power backup

  1. I notice that the FFpower 200-watt solar panels aren't available anymore. Anyone have a recommendation for a good alternate panel, that is compatible with the FFpower P2001? Thanks!

  2. hi brother in Christ …love to you, i just saw a van life gal swear by this generator and then i prayed and typed it in youtube and there you were again!! thank you so very very muc for the video. God bless and protect you and your family.

  3. Thank you for this video. I wish I had known about this product last year. I bought a Bluetti AC200MAX. No buyers remorse however your video and the reduced price it was a no brainer. My FFPower arrived today. The fast charging is amazing! I was about to get a B230 expandable battery for my Bluetti. Now that would have been a buyer's remorse purchase compared to the FFPower 2000.

  4. I purchased a Duromax 12000eh dual fuel generator for power outages here in Los Angeles. After watching several different videos I realized that running my full size fridge of my propane generator is not practical or cost-effective. I found out that I need a solar generator to run my fridge because the compressor is not always on which means the propane generator would be running while the fridge is pulling zero watts.

  5. Wow that is a good deal! I just finished building my own 2.5 kWh solar system with a 1,500 watt pure sine wave inverter, EPEVER 40 amp charge controller and 400 watts of Newpowa panels. Cost me considerably more that this FFpower system. Not sure how you would protect it from an EMP? Put it in a big metal trash can? But ya killer deal LiFePO4 AWESOME DAVE!!!

  6. Great review. Got this unit 4 days ago. Warning: I was not able to charge using Coleman 1850 W generator as the output is "dirty" and FF unit will not accept. Charged fine using Generac 7500 which must have a better waveform/Hz/volts. I may try and tune the Coleman speed to adjust Hz. Already tried adding a second small load to cleanup signwave, but no luck. Other than that, a great unit.

  7. Looks nice – I don't understand how they can make it so small for the ratings? I just built my own solar generator / battery box and it's 2400 watt hr design. It weighs close to 75 lbs and the inverters that I found were not that small, especially for the size. I'm curious to know if it's RF silent when using it for HF radios?

  8. I’ve been wanting to get a solar panel system . I’ve often wondered can you set up a small system that would be like a “constant flow” system for a lack of better terms . Meaning could you set it up leave it plugged up to run and charge all the time without unhooking them

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