Finally An Affordable UPS & 2,000-Watt LiFePo4 Power Source Solar Generator


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Date: August 25, 2023

50 thoughts on “Finally An Affordable UPS & 2,000-Watt LiFePo4 Power Source Solar Generator

  1. Using to power a travel trailer. Runs the air conditioning with no problems. Using the 30 amp outlet on the generator is an easy connect. Over all very satisfied with our purchase. Have not had to use tech support so far. Thank you

  2. The problem you have with these power banks is that they are not reliable enough. They rely on technology that can just quit at any time for no reason. A recent youtuber was testing high power powerBank and managed to burn out the built-in in charger. The company blamed him for this as he tested it to the maximum claimed output. Hearing how they handled his complaint and not offering to replace or repair the unit even under warranty made me question if I would spend the money on any of them. Until this technology becomes more reliable, I will stick with a generator, proven technology that works everytime.

  3. A lot of the big name companies seem to be using large cylindrical cells like the 33130(?) which I find kind of strange because the prismatic cells would likely be more energy dense due to the wasted space from the cylindrical cells BUT that does afford the cylindrical cells to have some space in between them for better cooling if they are being run hard. Most of the prismatic cells have a continuous discharge rate of 1C so they SHOULD be ok to fully discharge at 1C without overheating.

  4. I am wondering if it's possible to use this while charging permanently? I am looking for a portable power station that I can use in my caravan.

    the plan is to
    1. plug the power station into a dedicated outlet from the shore power input.
    2. Then wire a plug with a 16amp MCB and suitable sizing wiring going into the 240 caravan consumer unit.
    3. possibly do similar to step 2 for 12v consumer unit (plugged into the power station 12v outlet).

    I would like to to use this instead of traditional house battery setup.
    I want to use the sockets, receptacles already in the caravan.
    I would like to use the mains power to power the caravan and charge the battery and only use the battery when there is no mains power.
    I would like to be able to do this while having solar panels permanently connected and allow for solar charging while also being charged by the mains.
    I would like to be able to remove the power station and easily plug the consumer unit back directly to the single mains shore power outlet coming from the shore power input.

    any problems with doing this with something like this unit?

  5. No tienes ni idea. Las baterรญa 18650 son de Fosfato de Hierro (LiFePo4).

    Las baterรญas de un Tesla son mil veces mejor que una mierda de estรกs chinas.

    Dรฉjate el Crack.

  6. What's a good power station and UPS for a PC? I was watching your other video and you said something about 10ms delay before it switches on. Is there a power station out there that has instant trip over, in the event of a power outage?

  7. It's fairly common that inverters have hard time starting electric motors. Even my 8,000 w home inverter can have issues with larger things like an air compressor. Good rule of thumb. If you want to run AC motors off of inverters, a good rule of thumb is to have an inverter that can continuously do four times the wattage that your tool uses. Your little skill saw in this video probably uses around a thousand watts. Also not all inverters are created equal Some have better heavy start load ratings because of their internal design with capacitors and whatnot.

  8. Over 750 USD for ONE – 300 Watt foldable Solar Panel? LOL 250 USD on Amazon all day long. If they are upping the price for the panels, ya gotta wonder how much they are overcharging for the device. Just sayin..

  9. Question on the UPS function…If I left this thing plugged in 24/7 with my sump pump plugged in, would that be putting actual usage on the battery? Is it truly passing through the power when the pump runs or running off the battery power? And does leaving it plugged in 24/7 put any wear on the battery? TIA

  10. Really good review, i think the portable power station space is about to see some big discounts, for example i recently reviewed the Aeiusny 296wh that was $160 just 2 days ago, it's at $129 today… that's great for consumers!

  11. I am impressed with this unit especially at the prelaunch price. Question: can you connect two of these together to create a monster 4000 wh beast? They have a better price on two units now. I don't see a cable as part of their accessories. Thanks.

  12. I realize you said you don't want to reccomend what to use on one of these, however I am trying to figure out if something like this would work to charge a power wheelchair? Or even a smaller power bank? The power wheelchair charger says it has 8A output and plugs into a regular 110 house plug with 2 prongs, and the power wheelchair itself has 2 12 volt 60ah gel batteries that makes it a 24 volt DC system, it usually takes 2 to 6 hours to charge depending on how far it's run down, it's usually charged after using a little while and takes only a hour or two. I can't get anyone to reply to this same question,?

  13. It is not UPS. it drops power for 15 milliseconds. that is enough to reboot your computer. UPS has capacitors built in to cover that and has no interruption to the output power

  14. its not affordable its only affordable for people with cash seems on utube if u have no cash ull get no views but if u got the cash to buy all this stuff u get the views

  15. Have you ever done a review on either the Duracell 1440watt solar generator and or nature's generator with a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter I've tried to get the big three reviewers to look at them especially nature's generator as it is a low budget unit but has many flaws the worst is improper charge and discharge parameters I already have about 20 old booster packs with modified sine wave inverter that have dead battery's. because of improper charge and discharge parameters when I first started seeing utube video on proper care of sealed lead acid batteries I was sure that they were wrong after all the manufacturer should know proper charging parameters so I opened up my old black and decker figure I'd find out the battery manufacturer add go to their website and find out what they said the proper charging parameters were but written right on the battery was do not discharge below 12.2 float charge is 13.4 and full charge is 14.8 and on the built in charger was 12 volts so it was dead to start with and being discharged way too far since I had bought 2 everstart booster packs with modified sine wave inverter I checked out what they were charging up to and found that they charged to 13.1 volts phoned them and they assured me that that was a full charge but I noticed that at almost a year old the capacity was dropping from 5+ boosts to 4 then 3 so I hooked up my battery charger to the booster cables turned them on and plugged in the charger first time I got to 80 % but after a few cycles it finally got to full charge but it'll only charge to 13.9 volts they're over a year and half and still going strong I'm hoping they last 5 to eight years by then I'll have rebuilt 2 of my old booster packs with all the features they're making but they will never have enough power to run my house all the units with 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter with lithium are out of my budget nature's generator is sold by home depo and lows with free shipping to the nearest store but because all the reviews are by preppers who only care that they work when they are bought not how well made they are or if you need to replace the batteries every year or so but with proper charging parameters the battery should last between five and eight years if they'd put in a mppt solar charge controller that could be programed for lithium they'd be a good Entry level unit and when the battery dies after 5 years or more by putting aside the 200 dollars a month that I'd save from my electric bill I'd have enough to decide whether to replace the batteries upgrade the batteries or buy the best unit on the market if they'd fix the charging parameters even with the other flaws it would be a good Entry level unit at 2000 dollars for the platinum unit with 2 extra battery packs with double the wathour capacity it would stretch my budget but it would be doable

  16. So, if it's recharged via a wind farm, does that make it a wind generator? Or maybe if it's recharged via a nuclear power plant, it's a nuclear generator. Oil, natural gas, diesel, petrol, hydro electricity recharging does not make it anything more than a battery with an attached inverter.

  17. Why do people call it a "cigarette lighter"? I can see someone pull their heating coil out of their old car and pop it into there to get their desperate light. I work in automotive service and for decades the "lighter" is differently made than the real name, "Power Port". People are sincere but just don't know.

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