FREE OFF-GRID POWER ! – AllPowers Solar Generator


Off-Grid Power for Camping, Vanping, Caravans, Cabins and Prepping, Solar charging Power-bank Inverter AC/DC. EXPAND …

Date: August 25, 2023

32 thoughts on “FREE OFF-GRID POWER ! – AllPowers Solar Generator

  1. I'm a otr trucker I am definitely gonna buy me one of these ! I definitely would like to play Mario Kart in my warm toasty cave while also charging phones 😂😂very bad ass vid I'm will certainly buy this!! I been looking into off grid living looks amazing

  2. I just happened on this vid and it looked as if you were charging your items with the solar panel charging the unit. Does it actually allow you to continue use while it is charging?

  3. Thanks for reviewing this product. It's very helpful for those choosing what product to buy. Just a couple of questions, approximately how many charges can this provide for a cordless drill battery? Can it really power a chop saw? If yes, for how long…

    What is the advantage of a pure sine wave solar charger? Did you get a chance to field test how long it takes to charge using solar panels?

  4. If I stumbled upon a man in the woods playing super Nintendo I would act like I didn't see anything …and keep moving maybe a polite nod .. absolutely no eye contact

  5. i would love to see you play mario karts in the woods but in the dark alone outside the noise of the tv sounding through the trees as it echos by for the wildlife to listen that the silence is replaced with the sound of a green turtle shell taking out bowers on a track (im serious i wanna see it)

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