Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator


21 thoughts on “Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator

  1. could i take this to maine for a 1 week canoe trip to charge my phone, my friends phones, or a gopro? i am also looking at buying a dji mavic pro would it be able to charge the batterys for it?

  2. Try not to drain your battery below 50%. It reduces the life time of your battery. You can add an additional battery (not necessary to buy another Yeti 400). It will increase your battery bank. You can also buy 100 watt panel for cheaper like Renogy for example and chain your current panel with it and it will charge your system faster. I've had mine for over 4 years and can run a small frig including a cpap, and all the power I need for electronics. Also check out Luci lights, it saves your battery for the things you need most. I absolutely love the Yeti 400, it was an investment but it meets my demands, even during emergencies. I have a bigger generator for like my home freezer and I rarely need to pull it out. Thanks for the vid. 😀

  3. I have two 400s, two 150s, and 190 watts solar (3 separate sets of panels) that are either mounted to my cargo trailer conversion. We use them to run fans, charge phones, iPads and watches, and lights. LOVE the convenience of the GZ products – the ability of moving my power with me is FANTASTIC!!

  4. I posted about this on other GZ video reviews: check out the GZ website for their "Roadshow" schedule. I bought mine at the Costco Roadshow just before Christmas like HarleyWood23. Regular price was $459, holiday sale price was $359, Costco in-store rebate brought it down to $289!! All their other items were on sale for the Roadshow as well.

  5. The reason why they call it a 'Solar Generator' is cause unlike their 'Sherpas' The Yetis have a ability to 'pass threw charge'. When the Yetis are MAX charge and you leave it plugged in, Ether VIA AC or solar and it's above the power that is being drained from the Yeti. The Yeti will not run off battery power, It'll suck the power from the device that is used to charge the Yeti. This is why they call it a Generator vs a battery bank.

    I have a Yeti-150 and i just leave it plugged in, Run my 2 Light-A-Life 350 lights. And mine never starts having to recharge the battery, since i'm not taking more then what is coming in. If you ever heard of UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supples) That's pretty much exactly how these work. when left plugged in.

  6. Thanks for you review, very helpful. However, I wanted to clarify something you mentioned about the charge time with the solar panels. You have the NOMAD 20 panels and you said that it takes roughly 17 hours to charge from empty to full in complete sunlight. Did you actually witness this? On it states that it takes 40-80 hours to completely charge the YETI 400 with the NOMAD 20. I think you may be mistaking the charge time with the YETI 150, not the YETI 400.

  7. I don't see the point when a couple of good Duracell golf cart batteries and an inverter will cost less and do more. Charge them from your truck, or use a real solar panel, the folding ones are too fragile.

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