GoLabs 300w lifepo4 Power Station Detail Review and Demo R300 solar generator


26 thoughts on “GoLabs 300w lifepo4 Power Station Detail Review and Demo R300 solar generator

  1. The pig tail 12V cigarette socket is for extra DC 12v output which you plug into the 5521 DC output and will support extra devices that uses cigarette socket (very handy), thanks

  2. cool video sir . I have a question ? If you leave the device connected at all times, will it keep its charge. Because i want to be sure that the device is ready to be used and full of charge as soon as I need it

  3. Would you consider doing a review on the Energizer 300 watt (320Wh) LiFePo4 unit? I think it’s pretty comparable to this unit, just slightly more expensive but larger battery and a higher powered PD port. Thinking about getting one. Thanks for your detailed reviews πŸ‘πŸ»

  4. This is a very nice review and very detailed πŸ™‚
    Plus a very cute labrador doggie in cream caramel color <3
    Oh btw. I know from another insight review, that this sine wave output for high voltage devices, has 300w peak but 250w constant power. so if you go much above 250watts constant draw, it disables itself. The 300w is the says "max power" and constantly it can deliver around 250w πŸ™‚ But for such a small powerbank that's plenty and it can power lights (even old lightbulbs who draw alot) or laptop πŸ™‚

  5. OK. i just put my order in. Thank you so much, ive been looking/confused by this stuff for months. i'm so so glad i found you. Being in Canada i couldn't use your links – just your knowledge. I really appreciate your help.

  6. In Canada that unit is 399 with a $100 coupon that's why I bought this smaller one I figured I wouldn't never be operating my TV would just drain it not have to charge it again. So I got the model that's at 200 W instead and size was really important

  7. Will this unit be ideal for powering a router and a fan?, thanks for the video!. This was on sale today at amazon for about $124 but i missed it πŸ™ ($240 – $40 coupon – twice – $36 lightning deal)

  8. This is a horrible company! I bought from them and their products are not that bad but they take a long time to ship them and sometimes do not ship them. There will be a card in the box if you get it that says you get a free gift if you contact them. Again…you will have to contact and contact and contact! They told me it was a COVID issue so I just got my money back at the beast.

  9. The problem with these units was, if you were using it on a fridge… when the fridge compressor would shut off… and then come back on again… the unit would not power back on. Has this been fixed?

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