GROWATT Infinity 1300 | 1800w LiFePO4 UPS Solar Generator Power Station Review


37 thoughts on “GROWATT Infinity 1300 | 1800w LiFePO4 UPS Solar Generator Power Station Review

  1. wondering why these companies (Growatt, Ecoflow, Bluetti…) never list the actual capacity instead of the advertised one, usualy actual capacity is only 80-90% of the rated cap so we never get the dollar / Wh ratio correctly lol

  2. I look plenty of your videos for power station arround 2000W. This new update of Growatt seem good.
    Do you know if the cie will make similar update to they Infinity 1500? Does you think is one of the best
    one for Camper van? Thanks

  3. What exactly is "Device battery life" in the app? Can select up to 12 hours, but I can't figure out what it actually does. Thanks! Just got the 1300 yesterday, love it so far.

  4. GET WELL, MY FRIEND! tons of Vit.C, D, zinc, garlic capsules… gargle w/LISTERINE every day! 3 days – u'll be fine… (and keep up the good work).

  5. @HOBOTECH they must have fixed the AC charging for the production units. I got mine today and i'm charging above the 800 watts. It started out at 1200 but has since dropped down to 970 watts as it gets closer to 100% charge. Thanks for the review.

  6. Sir I have to thank you for the useful information!! and thank you very much. If it is possible for you to do a test on ALLPOWER 300w, because I am in doubt between Allpower and Bluetti 300w. Thanks in advance.👍👍😃😃

  7. Hello folks. I’m new to solar generators. Is there anyone out there who could recommend a solar generator for my 250 square foot off grid cabin. I usually stay at the cabin two days at a time. All I want to use it for is to power a small fridge and a 5000 watt air conditioner to periodically cool the cabin down when it gets to warm. I would like a generator that is reliable, and not too awe full expensive.

  8. Mr. Hobotech

    Can you do a review of the DeWalt power station?

    Was interested in putting one in my camper, don't know if it'll charge/discharge simultaneously, will it really output 3600w peak

    No DC input for direct solar charging?

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