Here’s What Happened Using JACKERY SOLAR POWER STATION for 2+ Years (good & bad)


35 thoughts on “Here’s What Happened Using JACKERY SOLAR POWER STATION for 2+ Years (good & bad)

  1. Is there a way to safeguard the battery while outdoors or if you are using solar panels to charge it? I'm thinking this would be a target for theft if left alone. Some sort of chain lock tied to a fixed object? Any advice?

  2. Hi Amber . great reviews on both bluetti and jackery . in your opinion if you could only have 1 would it be bluetti or jackery for all around uses ? if you can't say for promotional reason or anything , i understand . I'm just torn between the 2 before sales end

  3. Love your videos

    but …….. I hope no criminals do a smash and grab on ya now, when ya go in somewhere to get lunch, as I think that retails close to $1700

    Yes I realize that you got a security system (a little jealous on that one🤣)

    Well just something to think about 🌞

  4. Amber. Hello. There Jackerly 1000the newer Jackerly 1000 pro solar has a fip up handle so this one will fix your issue when you need a new one. Double check on their website and see if I am correct, but it sure looks like it does. Keep up the great content, we all love it. Thank yo. Greg

  5. Is there a lifespan?

    Most rechargable batteries have like 1000 times you can charge it before it poops out. I never had a battery that size so wondering how many years it will last used on a daily use

  6. It looks like Jackery heard you, because their newest Jackery Explorer 2000 has a folding handle that leaves the top of the unit flat. I just ordered mine and should receive it next week. Thanks for this review and for sharing it.

  7. How does the Jackery compare to say the bluetti or the Patriots or harbor freight power stations? I'm considering getting one of these as a backup to my roof solar..

  8. I recently bought a Jackery during a power outage during a winter storm and was able to keep my fan running on my fireplace insert and kept the house warm. I only knew about the Jackery because of you. I have taken it camping this summer and it has been such a great addition.

  9. Great info and update. I purchased a Jackery 1500 after the video you did earlier (thanks for that earlier video too) — I don't use it very often but when I need to I absolutely NEED it and it works SOOOO well. In the end, for me, completely worth it. Before I got on the road so much I didn't realize how much I might need it but I absolutely do. I could not afford a Travato with lithium so having the Jackery makes a real difference for me. I've heard that I might be able to trickle charge my house batteries off it although I haven't tried it — I will soon! Also I wish I had had it when we didn't have power at our house for 4 days!


  10. Bah! The link doesn't work, not for the 1500, so I tried for the 500 because I can get the 500 on Amazon without your link but again, through your link it shows "Currently Unavailable"….is it maybe because you're in the USA and I'm in Canada? I just completed my first #vanlife meetup (I'm not living in a van, I'm in a skoolie, but I was still welcomed) and realized how important it is to have a portable power supply during this stupid heatwave. I'd rather order through your link if I can, Amber, no rush, but maybe you can look into this?

  11. Hey Amber!! I watch Incredible Tiny Homes YouTube ch. and they have great prices and tiny homes!! I'm not affiliated in anyway just a follower of the channel. You might want to check them out!!

  12. I Still struggle with the fact that the 12volt socket is only 10 amps!! I need 20a to power compressor fridge or it shuts down. It also needs to have pass through charging, meaning can be used While charging.

  13. I enjoy your channel a lot and use a Dewalt 1000 watt power station that I bought four years ago. It does not have a solar hook up but it is pretty much a Swiss army knife battery power station with an air compressor as well as jumper cables built in. It charges with any standard extension cord and has built in lights and a couple USB ports.

    As for the solar panels I saw someone's' review of the Jackery 1000 where they put the solar panels on their dash during hikes or just while parked at the beach while picking up supplies to maximize the charging time. That way the panels are safer than leaving them outside if you're away from the vehicle. You may already be doing this?

    I am impressed by your knowledge and may buy a Jackery 1500 through your link for road trips. I will check the specs to get the weight and such. You might want to team up with all the other road lifers advertising Jackery products and as a group ask their R&D dept. to add an optional custom top (sold separately of course) that can be placed on top of the Jackery to provide a small flat surface with a couple cup holders built in.

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