How I Installed SOLAR POWER in my VAN (The Easy Way) | Off Grid VAN


30 thoughts on “How I Installed SOLAR POWER in my VAN (The Easy Way) | Off Grid VAN

  1. ▬▬▬▬▬VIDEO CONTENTS▬▬▬▬▬▬
    0:00 – Intro
    0:11 – How off grid systems work
    3:08 – Why Power Stations make it easier
    5:05 – How to set up DC power on a power station
    5:40 – Installing Solar Panels
    7:51 – Running wires for DC appliances
    8:20 – Connecting Wires to Fuse panel
    9:27 – Cutting Ceiling panels
    9:48 – Installing 12V Lighting
    10:07 – Connecting Fuse panel to the power station
    11:31 – Ending

  2. Great simplified explanation and just what I need. Got Anker 767 about a week ago but now want to wire my solar panel to it. Did I see it correctly ….. that is you can plug solar directly in without an MPPT Controller ?? I thought you could, but confirmation would be great.

  3. What about the difference with a car size lithium battery, vs the all in one box? I would think the separate battery would provide more hours? Great video and the van conversion was great too. Nice work!

  4. Dude! this is one of the best videos to learn this stuff. You explain things so simply, most people talk themselves in circles. Thank you for putting this together, keep doing these types of videos bro!

  5. I was totally confused on how to charge my power source. I purchased an eco flow the giant one. Now I know what panels to get and thank you for the tape. Lifesaver I didn’t want to drill into the ceiling. I am hoping to route the solar panel wires down the side into the van without drilling cus I am not all confident I can pull off making the holes the right way and sealing. Thank you again for a great tutorial.

  6. This literally saved me from a nightmare of figuring out what the previous owner(s) of my bus did with the electrical.

    Now I can just gut the current system and do this instead. Thank you!

  7. I have a very low build bus. No grey water, no wired in switches or anything. I have same Bluetti shown here and portable panels. I plan to just plug in as I need. Induction cooktop, fans, individual lights, iPad etc. Question: do I still need a fuse box?

  8. Thank you for finally explaining the way these work in a simple way I can understand. You can tell me all day how to plug all the parts in but knowing the mechanics of it all helps a lot.

  9. That solar cable entry housing is been installed wrong. It's backwards, those cable glands are supposed to be facing towards rear of the van, that way even if the rubber seal in the gland breaks rainwater won't get in the housing so easily when your driving in the rain. Also if you drive past a tree that has branches hanging low, it cowers the cables from getting caught in the branches so easily. Otherwise really good video and helpful for people who are planning to build a off grid system in they're car.

  10. For large scale (house, big rv, etc) the added capacity and ability to swap out stuff with a component system would be worth it.
    For a small van stuff like ours, the price point of a power station is hard to beat now days, especially if a more casual user like myself.
    Great videos, great explanations! Love how you keep it simple!

  11. Great video. A car cigarette lighter has a nominal voltage rating of 12 volts but is limited to 10.2 volts with a maximum current of 10 amps or 120 watts. Not sure but it may not be the best connection device.

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