How long will this 4Patriots solar generator 1800 run a refrigerator/freezer?


35 thoughts on “How long will this 4Patriots solar generator 1800 run a refrigerator/freezer?

  1. Something's fishy here. I don't think refrigerators run continuously. I'm gonna spend $2500 to get up every hour to shut the Patriot thing off for days? Some people have a refrigerator and a chest freezer that cuts the usage time in half right? My food spoils while the solar panel strains to try to recharge this thing huh in bad weather and night?

  2. I've done this test at my home with a similar size refrigerator. My 1.5Kw hour Jackery lasted a lot longer than the Patriot (48hrs). What this tells me is to really look at the efficiency rate of the solar generator you purchase.

  3. Isn't the theory of only needing to run the fridge / freezer only ten minutes an hour debunked by the fact the fridge/freezer unit will only run as needed. Their should be no power usage by the unit until it is needed. This generator can extend the content life of whats inside the fridge/freezer by keeping the doors closed and running every couple of hours but the fact is a btu is a btu is a btu. You can't expect to go in and out of the fridge getting drinks and only run this for 10 minutes and hour and get days of use out of the charge.

  4. I paid $450 for a gas 2kw inverter generator, it runs 9 hours over 50% load on less than 1 gallon and over 12 hours if load is under 50% sound is 41db so not very loud only takes a minuet or 2 to refill not dependant on sunlight or wall AC power, it will run a 1,500 watt electric heater and refrigerator and a TV with a couple LED lights all night, when it runs out of fuel refill it and good to go for another 9 to 12 hours.
    I have a Northern Lights Diesel 15kw for full house power if power is out for more than a day or 2.

  5. Is this 4Patriots product MADE IN CHINA like the other electronics are ??? What kind of Patriot wants to support a Communist regime ??? NONE OF US… what a hustle… the audacity of this company using the Patriot name and sourcing product from our enemy is unparalleled.

  6. If 4Patriots had a quality product and wanted the world to know about that they would send it to reputable YouTubers to review who had also reviewed other solar generators, like EcoFlow, Bluetti, Jackery, etc and so comparisons can be done between the offerings. But 4Patriots REFUSES to do so which is ALL you need to know about them.

  7. This unit has only 768 watt hours of battery storage. You could get a solar generator with this capacity, and inverter power, for $800 or less. Add in some solar panels and for less than half what this company will rip you off for you will have the same capacity and a much better unit from a reputable company. IMO, this company preys on the uninformed who are actually patriots.

  8. this generator is an over priced under powered piece of crap. there are a lot better alternatives that are cheaper and more powerful. don't fall for it. "4patriots"? lol…its built in china, hows that for patriotic? XD they buy these for $500 and sell them to you for $2500. theres a gullible person born every minute. you can build a better one yourself for half the price.

  9. I'm in the process of sending mine back. It was charged when I got it. It worked for the 3 minutes I tested it. Put it back up the way I received it and the other day did a simulation power failure. Pulled it out, turned it on and it showed full power. Turned on the outlets, plugged in a small device, turned on the device and the bars on the generator battery went straight to zero and it shut down. NOT reliable to be ready when you need it. I plugged it back in to charge it and it never took another charge. If you got one, understand, it just may not work when you NEED it. Good luck.

  10. Something like this would be good for short term power outages as most are. Except when natural disasters hit (hurricane & tornado season for example). Then you'll need something with more endurance. I have an 8kw generator that runs 9 hrs at 50% load on 7.5 gal gas (longer with lighter loads). I keep 10 gal of gas on standby if needed. Total run time is 17.5+ hrs; long after a solar charger has timed out.

  11. Well I’ve only listen to about 50 seconds of the video and it sounds like you’re already trying to sell it to me. So Not sure your review is going to be legit or not!! But I’ll listen to it anyway.

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