How To Build A Solar Generator (2,000 Watt) – Part 1


Part 1 of our DIY video series on how to build a large solar generator. In this step we will be demonstrating the load capabilities …

Date: August 25, 2023

25 thoughts on “How To Build A Solar Generator (2,000 Watt) – Part 1

  1. What a well thought out system ! You went 1st Class on all the components… rare in kits like this. The documentation all around is fantastic ! After I finish my small system & find it useful, I will glean your efforts, for sure ! Thanks for all your time in sharing it with us !

  2. My power was knocked out by a severe storm June 30, 2023 until July 4thThis generator kept my A /C ,fridge and a few other appliances going for about 7 hrs before the tank needing to be refilled. It was easy to start, and the manual was easy to follow

  3. Mini Winter Solar Tip: A boiler and all other hungry electricity consumers can be infinitely dimmed with the "5000W dimmer". Ebay €7. I run 5 dimmers in parallel on an 850W inverter. Kettle 2.2KW at 150W runs 12 hours a day, so the water is always hot. The room is also nicely heated. 2.5KW washing machine runs in parallel with dimmed to 200…400W. Iron, dishwasher, oven, electric heater, coffee machine, all internal heating are throttled with me. Videos on my channel The inverter stays cool, quiet and the MOSFETs remain intact because no extreme current peaks arrive at the inverter. Now every Mini PV Inverter is enough to sell large devices. So, with the dimmer, all internal heaters/devices can be converted into base load devices that stay almost permanently ON, drawing very little current directly from the PV. With a wattmeter / energy cost measuring device you can then measure this perfectly in order to set the dimmer optimally.

    A little hint (for everyone else): Energy cannot be saved. So if I want to boil my water, I always have to use the same amount of energy for one liter. Christian's method relies on a longer period of time with less power in order to be able to use the power provided by the PV as efficiently as possible – so consumption peaks are intercepted. In the end, the energy consumption should even be (slightly) higher due to the interposition of the dimmer, but it doesn't matter, since more efficient coverage by the PV system and therefore better use of the self-generated energy…..

  4. I am considering doing this build but have also considered buying a prebuilt one suck as the Jackery 1000. My question is how long does the battery you use actually last? I see the battery is 55Ah and 12 volt. From the calculators I looked at wouldn't that give this battery only 660Wh before needing to be recharged? Also what was the total weight from this build? I'm guessing its gotta be pushing 100lbs?

  5. My power inverter cable does not have the inline fuse like yours, What size fuse should I have for a 100 Watt AGM, 12 volt 2000 Watt inverter, using a 40Watt Controller?? All of my parts and Pelican Box should be here in a few days, I'm just not sure about the fuse any help would be appreciated. :o)

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