How to connect solar panels to Bluetti solar generator start to finish Ac200P and Ac200Max


42 thoughts on “How to connect solar panels to Bluetti solar generator start to finish Ac200P and Ac200Max

  1. Wow! I like to see how easy they made the Bluetti to hook up. No mistakes hooking it up because only one connection fits. They made it easy for people like me that don’t know what they are doing. Love it. Thanks for this making this video.

  2. My 300w panel arrived and it’s 39volts 7.7 amps. The included 10 foot cable is 14awg from the panel. Do you think I should upgrade the cable to 10awg and get 10awg adapters? My ac200max hasn’t arrived yet but curious on the gauge of the adapters? Thanks for help

  3. Well you just solved what I thought was a huge problem because no one had said to me that we have to switch out the mode of charge in settings . Ahhh…that’s a relief…and thank you.

  4. Thank you thank you! Very simple, helpful and to the point! The other video I was trying to watch about this had a long intro and was almost 15 minutes long. I appreciate your respect for people’s time!

  5. I can’t get my EB 200 to change on my solar panels
    I put it on pv but no lights come on ?
    I have 3 x 190 watt (44.8 Voc ) – they are all hooked up to parallel
    And doesn’t change
    What do I do wrong

  6. some good info on your videos man… so I guess you can just buy a long cable so you can keep the ac200 indoors while the panels are outside..

  7. first connect your solar cables to that wire. "that" wire u say comes with the bluetti, does not come with all Bluettis. it would have been helpful to have a link provided for "that" cable in the event one finds ones self with a bluetti and no handy solar adaptor. "Solar adaptor"! haha i will check for a solar adaptor now.😁

  8. How do I include a 2nd panel hookup to my bluetti. I have (2) 400 w panels and bluetti 200 max. I couldn't find a video from your video list on that. Also what would you recommend for an extension cord so if I want to keep my bluetti inside the house and yet the panels quite a ways out from the house? I have a large covered patio I have to go beyond.

  9. Thank you for this. I couldn't figure out how to hook these cords up. You made it simple. Once the bluetti is charged to 100% do you need to make sure to unplug it from the panels right away?

  10. Hello boss a mewbie question i know that ac200p has 35-150v and 12amps amd 700w solar panel but i read somewhere they say you can use up to 6x 200watts solar panel = 1200w but limit to 700w if 20volts each panel 120v is that safe or is that Ok ? To be able to harvest more and charge faster? Or in your own opinion how many 200watts panel is enough?

  11. I have the ac200p with 2 of the bluetti pv350 solar panel sets
    You showed how to hook up on but what about two? Parallel or series? I heard series and do I need extra/ different cables and connectors? Thanks in advance!

  12. Can I ask a question about my bluetti eb55..just learning..can I connect my 100 watt solar panel 5.5×2.1 to a 5.5×2.5 connector then connect it to my bluetti xt60..connector..then to my bluetti eb power station..

  13. Please take the panel outside so I can see what is supposed to happen. I did everything you did, but I'm not sure if I should have the AC on or the DC lite on. I think you had your stereo plugged in, so that's why the AC lite was on, on yours but who knows? Please make it real simple without other things going on so we can learn.

  14. I have a question. I am looking at getting the ac200p do you know of a way to wire the solar I have existing on roof to charge the bluetti in stead of the original battery. I have a solar controller already but since the bluetti has one would I have to bypass the original. I have looked around the innerwebs and can t seem to find anything on it. Thanks for any information.

  15. Want to know how to run AC200Max/P overnight on 250w/hr loads, 12-16 hours? That yellow xt -90 input to unit, get DC cigarette lighter to xt-90 connectors. Plug into eb240 thats 2400w total with DC output of 110w per hour. Net drain is the. ~150 w / hr. Overnight 1200 to 1400 from it adds to 2000 of those units. Efficient of 98+%.

  16. Thanks for yr help. I didn't realise I had to set the DC from 'other' to 'PV' first, before I plugged the cable in. I've now done that and the difference in watt input from the sun is amazing, it has doubled. Prior to that I didn't bother with any settings. Thanks again.

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