HOW TO: Connecting Solar Panels to the Bluetti, EcoFlow Delta & Any Other Solar Powered Generator


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Date: August 25, 2023

39 thoughts on “HOW TO: Connecting Solar Panels to the Bluetti, EcoFlow Delta & Any Other Solar Powered Generator

  1. Hello from Arizona, I hope you can answer my question. I heard that the reverse polarity adapter is required when using Ecoflow Delta with Harbor Freight solar panels. I want run an extension cable, so I won't use any additional reverse polarity adapters because the polarity is already correct down the line. Is that right? Do you have a part number or description on what extension cables I need? Thanks so much!

  2. How would you hook up three 3 x ( 200 watt ) solar Panels for the Bluetti AC 200 Max ,,, daisy all three in series ,, or hook them( 2 panels ,and one panel ) ? I believe the Bluetti can receive maximum 700 wats solar input ,,,, I only have room for three panels on the roof of my van .

  3. Adaptor?

    Trying to connect my two bluetti panels in series and when I do (exactly what you did in the video), I get zero input wattage.

    What is this “adaptor” you speak of?

    I just connected it straight to my eb70 with the cable provided.

    Trying to connect a 120 and a 200

    Is that just over capacity?

  4. I think he is trying to say something. You ever watch a video and their volume level is low and you forget so when the next video plays your eardrums are screaming for help.?

  5. I'm a tech-retard when it comes to this kind of stuff and even I understood most of what you were saying.

    So, if a guy had two separate sets of solar panels (essentially eight total Panels) similar to what you show in your video, all of the exact same configuration or watt output, and you wanted to use them all to charge a newer EcoFlow Delta Pro Generator, and you wired both sets of panels the same as you've shown in this video, how would you combine the two separate sets of 4-panels to one another before connecting them to the Delta Pro Generator? Would it be as simple as using a third "Branch Connectors" to then combine the two separate sets of (4 panels each) panels or would it be a whole new way of connecting all eight 100-watt panels?

    For me, trying to figure out anything electrical-related is the same as me trying to read Egyptian Hieroglyphs. I suck at that too.

    I'm a situation where I've bought a EcoFlow Delta Pro Generator as an emergency backup. One of my brother in laws has graciously given me a set of eight small 100-watt solar panels he had no need of so, I've just been trying to figure out exactly how to wire those panels to charge my Dellt Pro Generator without ruining that new solar generator in the process.

  6. What about amps? Each of those 100 watt panels are probably around 5 amps each. The Ecoflow delta max only handles 10 amps so wouldn’t that trip the fuse or possibly damage inverter?

  7. why cant' the solar companies show us how to do hook ups. We have eco flow delta, and i have one of their panels , and one from harbor freight – no idea how to hook it all up. I jumped on a deal on eco flow because , well the election and butt head elites were acting out. Now we really in it- we were trying to work everything out when winter came, and we have grand kids christmas, and stuff. TRYING TO LEARN – just found your channel

  8. How well will the Bluetti work with lensun hood mountable solar panel? In the market for a battery and solar panel rebuild…goal Zero isn't cutting it anymore

  9. I have been two days trying to get 400 w out of my (2) 200w Renogy suitcases and all I was able to get was 200w. I watched many videos hooking them together and I thought for sure it parallel connection needed. You made it simple for dummies like me to understand that it was suppose to be in series. Hooked up to the EcoFlow 2000 Delta Max.
    Thank you for being so clear and posting this I am now getting 400w input.
    Question – snow on ground and camper covered but when I’m ready I’m going to change the controller to 600amp and with the 100w plus’s the 400w charging 2 batteries 12 volt. I then need to connect it all in parallel AM I CORRECT ?

  10. Help please. I have two 200w 24 volt panels. Each works individually with my Bluetti EB150. When I connect them in series as shown in the video and then plug into the generator I get no solar input and the screen shows a E017 error message where the solar input should be reflected.

  11. I'm missing something here. You can't exceed 60 volts coming into the generator, right? If, wired in series, the voltage doubles with each additional 12 volt panel, wouldn't the voltage for all 4 in series be 48 volts? That's still 12 volts under the 60 volt range to not exceed. Curious why you didn't wire all 4 in series. Thankyou

  12. Bluetti AC200P does not give good set up information. Manuel is very poor and does not explain how to connect solar panels to generator! Very frustrating for a novice. All we get is FAULT message when we connect wires to generator.

  13. Thank you for clarity in connection in series but how does one connect the wires to the generation and then what buttons to push from there. We’re getting FAULT message !!

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