How to convert a UPS into a Solar Generator


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  1. We bought the unit to use it for power outages. It requires some minor assembly, which took 5 minutes. it is compact, so it stores easily, and the electric/remote start is a really nice feature. Also like the dual fuel source!

  2. Great, informative video. Thank you! While you were exploring the board, did you notice if there might be a way to make the UPS use the battery/solar power as the Main, and the wall power as the backup?

  3. Battery tender is a brand name of the 12v "pigtail" quick disconnect. Amazon sells these by the dozen and some even have a mountable female you can screw/affix to the UPS case instead of having a lose paired wire through a hole. I bought a pair of two mountable sets (both sides of the connection, with one side that can be mounted) that I installed on my dual WEN 3800W generators to trickle charge the starting battery as needed. Under $10 for the two sets.

  4. Thank you for the video. But I have a question. Why do you need an inverter before the battery?
    Don't you need just DC?
    And the UPS doesn't have an inverter inside?

  5. This was a very informative video, I enjoyed it very much, you have help me figure some things up n have a better understanding on how this works. Thank you!!.

  6. Make sure they are pure sinewave inverters if you plan to run anything with an electric 110 volt motor in it including aircondioners, fridges, power tools and fans… electronics and lights work fine on modified sinewaves which these units are mostly and why the cost way less than the more expensive units your trying to avoid… it can be done like I do but its not as easy as you would like it to be… nothing worse than burning your house down because of a few overlooked problems…

  7. The APC 1500 series are 24 volts… You need 2x 12 AGM batteries.,,,

    The real issue is amps… You need around 10 amp per 12 volt battery. To recharge them fast enough or they sulfate. Why you need an external battery charger. Other then the built in ones the UPS comes with…Why I installed a 200 watt solar panel and a charge controller. To keep the 2x 200 @ah batteries charged….

    And this thing is not portable. As it weights 150lbs…

  8. The problem with the cheap UPS products is that they often don't produce clean power that is a necessity for modern electronics. To compare apples to apples here you have to look for a UPS that has online double conversion capability. When you compare the starting price for these products you will see the prices are about the same as a portable power station. Each type of device is really built for almost opposite jobs as is stated in the video (long run time vs. short runtime) and it really comes down to trusting sensitive electronics to home brew projects. A cool idea especially if you are powering things like lights or small heaters, etc. but probably best to stick to portable power stations (which have gotten more powerful and cheaper) for the electronics.

  9. Generator equals keeping up with demands & a ups with supplemental solar panels means climate temp & cloudy skies will compromise charging. To make this a real generator to provide the uninterrupted power you will need approximately 3000 SQ ft off solar panels.

  10. I have a Smart-UPS 750 that I've never used, I was thinking of selling it, I didn't think you could attach a solar cell to them though.
    To sell or not to sell,… the only issue with selling on eBay is the weight of these UPS machines.

  11. I was doing paper and pen for mapping out something like this on a much larger scale. If I wanted to use solar power as the main source of power. Running through the inverter through the ups. from my understanding of the ups. the ups will charge and allow the power from the solar source to run through to a "PC". the power from the solar fails. the ups keep the same flow for a short amount of time with its own charge. Could I in theory just unplug the ups from the inventor and plug it into a home outlet if available?

  12. Two things to look at.

    1 if its modified or pure sine wave. Need to know your needs.

    2 what voltage the ups needs. Not all are 12v.

    Just for everyone's knowledge

  13. Did you disable the alarm system that activates once you have zero AC input and you are only drawing on the battery backup power? That was a hindrance to me during my first iteration with an APC since the alarm was integrated. If you did disable can you do a short vid to cover the proper way to disable. Thanks and great job on your vids.

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