How to Pick the BEST Portable Power Station for YOU *Unsponsored*


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Date: August 24, 2023

33 thoughts on “How to Pick the BEST Portable Power Station for YOU *Unsponsored*

  1. After watching this vid I bought a buetti AC180 with 350w solar panel. In the last 2hrs of daylight in the middle of winter I got a 50% charge. Very happy so far.

  2. Just wow.. what a super informative, condensed overview of this market. Im interested in using some portable solar setup to charge some small appliances during the summer around the house. I knew nothing about this area 30 mins ago, now I feel comfortable in it, thanks to you. You got a sub.

  3. My main goal is to be able to make coffee in the morning, when camping. I thought an electric kettle would be multipurpose and not expensive. Could you add one to your spreadsheet?
    Thanks for the good information.
    I’ve got to rewatch the section where u talk about the watt hours so I can pick a correct size. And I have to be able to carry it myself. Can these be stored in I heated garage or shed in a land where we go below zero in winter?

  4. Want to charge 2 e-bikes both have 800w normally takes 5-6 hrs to charge plug in to AC power point, what size station would I get at least 1 charge in each battery?

  5. Really great and comprehensive info. My wife runs a food truck business where they typically use gas generators. Over the last few years, it seems these portable power stations are starting to become a viable alternative. We've just been starting to look into it. Cool to know there are 30 amp options too. Good stuff.
    Thanks for the video. Subscribed!

  6. Thanks for this excellent analysis of these products. I knew a lot of this, but was kind of overwhelming to get and keep it organized in my mind when wading through the stupid and unrealistic promotional material out there. You put it in a very well-organized format and I also learned some things. I downloaded your spreadsheet and bookmarked the products. I am still limited by budget but I think I've chosen the max I can do with the funds I have available to do what I need.

  7. Hello there! I NEED HELP ASAP! so I hope you get this comment soon, my home is out of electricity right now, in the ozarks of Missouri. It’s nearly 100 degrees and I have four little ones at home so I am trying to figure out if this is possible. My husband (whom is not with us anymore- so I can not ask him exacts) he bought a set of solar panels for his dads house which came with this generator… I believe it’s just the original eco flow… delta maybe? And I’m trying to figure out if I can somehow power out home off of it- on the extreme end, or at the very least, power a light fan, phone chargers and laptops, tv and internet. I tried last night and when it turned on it said 99 hours, 100%. I plugged in all I stated above and a small mobile air conditioner/ heater unit but the machine died within minutes.
    Do I HAVE to use the solar panels to use this?
    Idk I have so many questions and no one to ask, I would appreciate your response. Also, I found your spreadsheet very helpful thank you for that. I’m so desperate I’m going to put my number on here so you can text me if you can help. 417 593 3670
    Thank you

  8. you’re talking to men who has basic understanding of all this…I’m a woman and am interested in getting an affordable solar generator for emergencies to get us by …like for a refrigerator and lights. I was going to buy the jackery in your picture…do you think that’s a good pick? And do I need solar panels too ?

  9. to follow up on our Eco flow story. We have had a successful conclusion! After 2 failed attempts to contact there call center in the Philippians. We had two successful contacts with there call center. The four attempts to contact Eco flow took almost 5 hours in total! They said that all of our emails were somehow lost. After making our concerns known to the internet we received our replacement unit on 8/14/23. You do make a difference.

  10. Amazing content!….I knew nothing before this video.
    ..I just need to watch,pause and take notes and I will know what will work for me. Thankyou.

  11. 😮this makes so much sense! Thank you. I do recommend that when you discuss math, you have it show on the screen each time. ie coffee maker uses X + cpap use X + cell phone use X= X total daily usage.

  12. I worry that if you use them daily, then the battery performance will die after a year or so. Because these things only support a limited number of charge cycles. It’s an expensive con if you think you can switch from grid to solar (I fear)

  13. Just got through 8 out of 10 days with no power in the Deepest South. Katrina-like conditions. This generator worked well. It's not quiet, but not too loud. Once you fill with fuel, have to wait 20 minutes or so before it starts again. … Good product at good price.

  14. This was extremely helpful and insightful. You touched on and explained several points I had not considered. I am not necessarily going to buy a portable solar generator. I'm more of a DIY person. I have built some smaller scale portable battery banks, and I'm working on a 280Ah solar generator now. But these topics that you touched on are no less valuable to me and others as they fit in the category of solar power, general knowledge topics.

    "You don't yet know what you don't know." That is a very accurate and impactful statement. My version is, "You don't know how much you know, until you know how much you don't know." That rule is one of many that I live by daily.

  15. Great video with tons of info! What's the best way to find / compare units that have UPS support? It seems like this feature is often either not listed clearly, or mis-listed. I'd love to see a huge comparison chart that shows which units have / support UPS!

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