1. Love the external battery charging, Anderson 12v outputs and of course the AC high input. It's an obvious Poormans ripoff of the EcoFlow Delta 2, but hey, they added some cool stuff. After using an AC input unit like this with UPS like functionality vs another solar charge generator, I will never go back. I'm wondering how solid the dc to dc 12v output is on the Anderson connectors, some amateur radio and other preppers are going to absolutely love that! Buy a unit with one or two extra batteries and you may (check the tax laws) qualify for a 30% solar battery (over 3kwh) tax credit. Thanks for the review! I hope the quality of components are good on these units, otherwise it is a no brainer!

  2. Not long had one of these having owned a bluetti ac200 max for the last year!

    2 MASSIVE failures of this device compared to the Bluetti…..

    1 – Charge times are insanely slow!
    EIGHTEEN HUNDRED WATTS!!! – from a mains outlet!!!
    If you have a mains outlet, you don't need this device! When you switch to 600 watts to mimic solar charging, mine takes about 8 hours to fully charge! That's compared to 4 hours with my bluetti – and that only has a 400w charger!

    2 – Background power drain!!
    With this unit on and everything (AC and DC outputs) off, including the screen, it drains by about 3% per hour!!!
    That's insane!!

    The WIFI feature on this unit is excellent however, which was my main reason for getting it. But those 2 problems I've reported above are difficult to ignore.
    Waiting for response from Tech Support!

    Also, out of the box it advises you to register the product for the warranty. But when you click on "register your product" on their web page it takes you to "Page Not Found"!!

    I've not got a good feeling about this!

  3. 迷いに迷って買うのを辞めました。まだ案件でないレビューなどの実績がないのと、カスタマーサポート対応のクオリティがわからないこと、後続で大手ポタ電メーカーが採用してきた頃、実績を伴った防水防塵、パススルーなど強みのある機能が搭載される可能性があること、ソーラーパネルやポータブルエアコンの相性でやはり同一メーカーがわかりやすいこと、などが理由でした。

  4. That sounds like what I need in my car for a little forward and 450 watt electric heater and cooler freezer refrigerator and something else is cool car in the summer I need to heat it in the winter time.

  5. Does it beep or click when a solar panel is connected or at dawn and dusk? I have another power station that beeps for about 30 minutes every time the sun comes up or goes down… looking at this as a possible replacement as it's not too late to return it.

  6. Hi Alaska Prepper ! 😃Thank you for doing the review. Make sure you contact tech support and tell them about your external battery balancing and draining/charging issues. You might be pleasantly surprised that Dabbsson may have addressed this issue with a possible Firmware Update ?

  7. I would love to buy several solar generators, but…. budget budget budget.. you are blessed Rudy & family to have these companies sending you products to reveue for sure.

  8. Unglaublich und sehr aufschlussreich danke. Ich würde sagen, dass dem Daytrading mehr Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt werden sollte, da es weniger von der Unvorhersehbarkeit des Marktes betroffen ist. Ich habe täglich über 9 BTC gehandelt und mit nur 5 BTC mit Informationen und Diagrammen von Duane Jace begonnen. Er ist anderen Analysten einen Schritt voraus. Das Team ist über die Jahre an die Spitze gewachsen.

  9. Funny this video popped up as I'm draining my Jackery and Bluetti so I can recharge them. I saw someone say there's a solar storm on the way that could cause problems and I haven't refreshed them in almost a year..

  10. If you have all the three units hooked together can you plug in your solar panels while the units are being used so the sun is charging the units while they are powering your grid

  11. Nice little system, my main want for use is refrigeration and some led lights, like you I want to reserve my gas for when it is really needed. My propane BBQ does not really use much fuel, nor does the propane stove. So, something that could help keep things frozen and cold would be great.

  12. thats a good price-per-watt, but I also want to point out, keeping it at 2k watts instead of going to 3k watts on lifepo4 keeps the weight to a manageable level. 50 lbs instead of pushing 100 lbs is a lot more doable for most people.

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