HUGE Solar Generator For OFF GRID! 1500Wh MAXOAK Bluetti Lithium Portable Power Station Review


23 thoughts on “HUGE Solar Generator For OFF GRID! 1500Wh MAXOAK Bluetti Lithium Portable Power Station Review

  1. THIS PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED — Get the 2400wh cheap while it lasts: use promo code HOBO3000

    (Some EB150 are left on Amazon +tax no discounts )
    Need a LARGER 2400WH model?

    For compatible solar panels check out
    Looking for the charger?

  2. Having the AC outlets on the back has at least one benefit in that it keeps someone from pushing the back of the unit up against a wall and blocking the cooling fan air circulation. 🤷‍♂

  3. Hello Dr
    I bought this Bluetti and the DC keeps electrocuting me if I touch the end of the usb cable or the cigarette lighter metal ring. Any idea about the cause ?

  4. how many 100 watt solar panels can you hook up to this at once? are they all 20 volts? so you can only hook up 3? I didn't know what size solar panels you're using here.

  5. Well ours powere a small network anchor point for an island. After only 7 months use the PV input clearly burned out and the unit is dead. The distributors for Europe when it finally got back to them claimed it was water damage and that they couldn't do anything. I would avoid this company's products as they don't do customer service and some of the components (USB ports) aren;t of a high standard all 4 ports were showing corrosion in under 7 months inside a case inside a building due to the saline environment. We have bought USB B dustcaps for the remaining five units and are praying that none of these suffer the same fate.

  6. Awesome review!
    It is a great power station, but…
    The display screen sucks!
    Can barely see it.
    Score that one for the Ecoflow Delta series.
    Not a deal breaker to some, but for the price they could have come up with a nicely illuminated display screen.

  7. We really like this, but it doesn’t play well with a/c electric blankets. We plugged one into it, and it wouldn’t work anymore. We got another blanket, and it worked in an ac outlet, and then plugged it into the EB-150, and it killed it! We had read that a modified sine wave inverter would kill electric blankets, but I thought the EB-150 has a pure sine wave. But it killed 2 electric blankets. We have a small 12 volt blanket that works fine off the Bluetti.

  8. could I use an extension cord to plug this into my little runaway camper on the outside which goes then to a power strip? Or would I just be limited to 2 AC ports?

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