45 thoughts on “I Bought a ULTRA FAST CHARGING TINY POWER STATION on Amazon the BLUETTI EB3A

  1. Hey Bob, great review. I love your videos. One thing you might want to mention next time when talking about a uninterruptible power supply is using a computer might be a better example if when you are running your computer plugged in through the blue Eddie if you have a power outage Then there’s no interruption in power to the computer so the computer won’t shut off and you won’t lose data that’s where the uninterruptible part comes in and that’s extremely important when working with computers and what not. And this is in Kim and can be very new wants feature. Some companies will advertise. They have it but the switch over is not quick enough. Generally it needs to be 10 ms are less so all those some batteries can power devices through them. If there was a power outage, the battery would not kick in fast enough to prevent so your computer blinking off and you’re losing all your unsaved data.

  2. I have a flashfish g300 unit,as backup for aquarium pump when we have electric outage,the flashfish only lasted 23 months before battery does not hold a charge.I am thinking about buying the eb3a,I hope with the Lifep04 battery I will get more life out of the unit.I am staying away from off brands,they probably use cheap batteries.

  3. Bob,

    Thanks for this video. This size coulb be go for camping. Just to keep your electronic devices charged, to plug the air blower to fill the air matresses. Maybe keep or recharge some lights, etc.

    I'm looking also the ecoflow. Thanks for pointing out the life cicles of the batteries. The Jackery was not in my radar but I assumed all of solar power stations had the same tech in terms of rechargeable internal batteries.

  4. with the your new Champion dualFuel generator you could charge it in maybe an hour. Thus the generator can be used to prepare your batteries in the early evenings and be ready for over night without fumes.

  5. Every unit has it's place and this one fits perfectly with first being a backup to a more powerful unit and a "wife can take it on short trips no problem" unit. I also see it as an emergency bug out in your vehicle battery. Charge it in your car while travelling using it to power a laptop and recharge phones or tablets. It also is small enough to fit and store in tight places.

  6. I had no idea my original Jackery used a diff battery tech that doesn't last nearly as long. (Lithium Ion vs Lithium Iron Phosphate) It's only advantage is charging in very cold conditions. Although everyone loves wireless charging, it is more efficient to plug your phone in for charging.

  7. I got this on prime day for like $185. I just need something for camping occasionally and occasional black outs at my Summer cottage to run my laptop and charge my phone. I was going to buy a Jackery but after watching several of your recent vids I went with this one. My next one would be larger maybe the new model

  8. People need to understand what they're really getting though. A 50 dollar car battery has double the capacity. Now you do get a small sign wave inverter, a light, lots of charge ports, a nice charge controller with lots of options and a monitor, all in a neat package, and that's why I bought it, but it has a really small battery. It will barely run a 12volt cooler by itself. And that's if you have a really efficient cooler that isn't opened that often. And if you have one day without much sun, it won't make it to the next day. So plan on adding some batteries to it. I have two 48 amp hour car batteries added to mine, and I can go days without sun. I almost really splurged and bought the AC180 so I could run a microwave and other appliances at my cabin when I get it finished, but I can always just buy a bigger inverter and a few more batteries for less money to handle that load.

  9. 8:45 Yeah i want all the features this has but 268Wh just wont work for me.. Cant you plug in an additional LiFePO4 battery to this to double/triple the 268Wh?? Ive seen this done on the bigger ones.. Great video btw!!

  10. BTW: The EB3a is powerful enough to charge an Lectric Bike battery (verified by Lectric)! Yay! Lectric said a 350 watt inverter is necessary, so the EB3a with it's 600watt pure sine inverter will do that!

  11. You video has greatly feel better about purchasing. I’m just getting started (semi nomadic) and was hesitant to buy a larger unit until I was sure about what I needed. I have looked at other videos with a larger unit ponytail to a smaller unit to serve my needs later on.
    At the price point it seems a great starter unit.

  12. I'm in a minivan mood something small got it on order. I had two Jackerys and they died in under two years and paid $500! The Jankery heavy! Thank you for your help. ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Do you think that this could run a hand whipper for about 10 minutes? I am traveling with my business, living out of my truck and I make a topical magnesium and need to use a hand whipper and an electric kettle to make my product. The electric kettle takes about ten minutes to get hot and like I said the longest I use the hand whipper for is 10 minutes. Thanks!

  14. I do camping primarily with no big appliances. I did my research and went to the Jackery site first, narrowed it down to 2 different units for my need and budget. Then went to Bluetti to compare and found the EB3A and what drew me in was the battery primarily and also the surge it could handle. It’s enroute and I hope to get it next week. Always nice to see a good review backing up my own research. Thanks!!

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