Inergy Flex 1500 Modular Solar Generator Review


21 thoughts on “Inergy Flex 1500 Modular Solar Generator Review

  1. I love your channel and visit every day. I am thinking about buying the Inergy 1500. What is the difference with storm solar panels vs Ascent solar panels? I love the big array of solar panels that you can lay out like a blanket. Where can you buy that because I have problems lifting heavy solar panels. Thanks Nancy

  2. I ordered an Inergy Flex 1500 in March, 2021 (and paid for it in full at that time). I have had more promises from this company about when the unit would be delivered, but every couple of months, that projection gets extended. It's been over a year and I STILL don't have my unit. Latest projection is they hope to ship this June or July, which will put them 15-16 months past my order date. I'll believe it when I see it. If you need power NOW, please consider another alternative.

  3. I ordered the flex system back in May 2021 it is now March 2022 still do not have my system. I just got an email from Inergy say I won't get it till late June or early July. If you want a system fairly quickly might be better to search other options.

  4. 1. As technology advances with these solar power generators naturally there will be better and better models. So I'm going to still wait and see. Much rather spend the thousands instead on food water guns and ammo…
    2. I haven't seen very many videos of people demonstrating the solar panel aspects. Common concerns are durabilty and weather proofing the panels. Be nice to actually see them put to the test.
    3. Dependability. Are gas generators more reliable? Are they going to last longer? Does it matter if they're loud if you have a large group of armed men and women all sharing a couple?
    4.Let's be honest…if the shizzy ever does hit the fizzy for prolonged period of time….you can survive long enough without a generator until you can afford to barter for one or get a group of guys together and loot a few. Invest in body armor and bullets and continually learn how to use them.

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