Innovative Solar Power Generator in a Portable Trailer – Clean & Quiet Energy


49 thoughts on “Innovative Solar Power Generator in a Portable Trailer – Clean & Quiet Energy

  1. A calculation of the price per KiloWatt Hour of electricity generated over the lifetime of the panels and batteries would be helpful. Factor in the future value of money.

  2. Dodge is soooool gonna sue you lol. Oh and generators work if it's cloudy for a few days, or a week, or when the Hurricane flips the power Wagon over or sends a 2×4 through those fragile solar panels, solar has its applications. But so do generators.

  3. Wouldnt it make more sense to have this as an A frame design so you can just open the side that isnt towards the sun? That panel on the side thats vertical jusy seems like it wouldnt be that useful in some situation anyways

  4. Besides being able to adjust the angle of the panels for better energy production, Is there anything to be done about protecting the batteries from extreme temperatures? This is a really cool idea if you rent a house with a backyard because you can just take this solar trailer with you when you move. Bonus points if you could find a way to hook it up to send power into your home.

  5. I wish if I could get one system that can do the welding as well. Transportation is very very important mostly in poor roads. I'm imagining how strong it should be. Thanks very very much for your innovation.

  6. Don't make the panels the walls of your trailer. Use a regular hard sided trailer and hinge the panels to the walls and roof. This way you do not compromise the interior of your trailer during rain or snow. Position the trailer broadside to the sun and then angle the panels to maximize production. One side pivots upwards above the trailer, the roof pops up at an angle, and the last side pivots out slightly. Have all three panels at the same angle.

  7. Wow. I made a trailer sort of like this for a solar generator (battery, contoller, converter and inverter) in 2016. I just had a top, no sides. You crushed this design. My other panels were mounted to my other trailer (converted to a camper). Enough power to charge my PHEV, run AC, a residential size fridge and lighting but not all at the same time of course.

  8. This is awesome! EV range extender!

    . I would love to see it with a V nose for aerodynamics and more space on the inside for cargo (I am a contractor, and before that I mowed lawns with an enclosed trailer) or to make a Camper! . My wife, my family and friends also enjoy camping and we aspire to get electric vehicles.

  9. Lithium and cobalt extraction, aluminium production and all components and ingredients needed to make solar panels. And what to do with the waste afterwards. Not much clean about it in the end.

  10. Here's my concern… You have nothing on the little trailer to stop thieves from hooking up to the trailer and hauling it away in two minutes flat. I'd like to see something on the tongue and a boot on the wheel. I'd also like to see a GPS option in case it is stolen. 💖🌞🌵😷

  11. This is awesome! I'm thinking if you guys can make the front panel adjustable like the side panel. And the new generation model has gas struts on the next been model sound great. Now this is innovation! 🙌🏾

  12. No mention of cost, yet people think they want one. When they see the price and realize they are paying 4 or more times what it would cost for a panel that they can aim at the sun, they may not be so quick to say they want one?

  13. It seems that your introduction of this product is premature. Perhaps you should have considered waiting until the product was ready to bring to market as it would seem that many viewers are ready to purchase right now

  14. So I’m wondering if this could be used with an electric car.. have it in tow with the electric car and use that to charge the car rather than having to worry about finding a charging station (considering there are so few charging stations especially when not on the east or west coasts).

  15. Stick a bed in there, cut holes for some windows, add a micro kitchen and call it home. Sounds like a plan to me!
    Nice job on you ingenuity! I can see these being helpful to many kinds of workers that need electricity on the spot outside while working.
    People in Maui could use these about now for sure!
    Nice job guys!

  16. This a great idea and build. My question regarding transport and possible damage to the panels while towing it places. We have a construction company and this would be great but damage would be a concern.

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