Jackery 1800 WATT Battery & Solar Generator – Jackery Explorer 1500 Review


BIGGEST Jackery EVER – Explorer 1800 Watts! Power Station & SOLAR Generator. Portable power without noise, gas, fumes …

Date: August 25, 2023

45 thoughts on “Jackery 1800 WATT Battery & Solar Generator – Jackery Explorer 1500 Review

  1. I hear Jackery is forcing reviewers to give a positive review when they send the reviewer a free product. Never gonna buy anything with the name Jackery on it. That's some straight up shitbaggery right there.

  2. Great video! But how about testing different products it will power? A full size refrigerator, a window AC, Microwave, coffee maker, etc.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the video. I have a question (I know almost nothing about electricity): I am a musicien and I am looking for a battery to power outdoor shows (without connection to city's electrical network). The battery would have to power at least 4 synthesizers, 1 mixer and two speakers (55 watts each). Do you think the Jackery Explorer 1500 is the kind of think I should looking for ?

  4. glad you made this video. I saw the milwaukee and wanted one to match all my power tools but you’ve convinced me not to get the Milwaukee. Will keep an eye out on this Jackery

  5. I know nothing about this stuff, can someone tell me instead of powering my cottage with my gas generator can I just plug this into the same receptacle that I plug my generator into which goes to my electrical panel, I only power lights and a few fans at most.

  6. Be the first to power a ductless mini split on this using solar and the length of time you run it…. you’ll be the first on YouTube and get views galore from the RV community … want a hit video? That’s it.

  7. help me out here….i have small electric pressure washer. The specs on the box says 120v, 60 hz, 13 amp. Does 13amp mean 1560 wats???

    so will i have to have power station that has more than 13 amps/ 1560 wats?

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