JACKERY 3000 PRO 3000w UPS Solar Generator Lithium Battery Power Station Review


44 thoughts on “JACKERY 3000 PRO 3000w UPS Solar Generator Lithium Battery Power Station Review

  1. I been doing research and jackery gets a lot of overrated crap but what other stations can handle the same temps as this one? I can’t find any other ones

  2. For Dometic CFX3 35 portable fridge freezer, which Brand portable power station will be the best for 2 day's continue operation?

    Can anyone tell me about it?

    I prefer lifepo4 power station but which company lifepo4 power station is the best? Im little bit confused

    I have heard Renogy Phoenix 1000 is lifepo4 battery made with 3000 cycle lifespan.

    But I want to know more.

  3. How do you think this would fare with a pop up camper and portable AC inside using the 30amp connection?That would be the highest draw item. Everything else is LED 12v lighting. Cooking is via gas stove.

  4. Although I do appreciate all the wattage talk. But, can a Jackery test would be how long it runs off of maybe items in RV now that would be a great test so everyone has a better understanding how many hours would it last in an emergency. I do understand you said a few items but if you actually tested with them would be great. I love watching your videos

  5. How many batteries can a 3000 watt jackery take that's what I'd like to know. Could I use it to let it go down to forty percent of battery charge up to 95% because that would probably work better for me but of course I think I would want to charge the batteries more than that never let it to less than 40%. I guess that's two questions ❓

  6. Thank you for this most excellent review/presentation. I use a hotspot in my RV. My RV runs on a Predator 4500 inverter. All is good until my AC (Air Conditioning) compressor kicks on. Both my TV and Hotspot will die/reboot. I'm considering a soft start module for the roof AC but I'm also considering a heavy-duty UPS. My only question was is the 20 mil switching good enough. You answered that question. Yeah, both loads (T-mobile cell modem) and my TV might consume just a fraction of needed isolated power so maybe a $100 cheap APC. But that has little room for increasing the load. What to do, what to do.
    Thanks, man.
    Cheers from Louisiana.

  7. HOBOTECH. Can you please do some RV tests if you get a chance. The reason is RV parks lose electricity all the time. Far more than blackouts. If you have to leave and have slide outs to move back in this is a big plus for emergency backup power. I’m dialing in what product to bring in motorhome. So far I’m cautiously undecided but ready to buy soon. Summer is coming. FYI, yes, I have a generator but there are blackout times in park rules not to use them and many times I have to go/ move during those or don’t want to wake up my fellow campers with noise. People get pissed over noise for various reasons.

  8. Great review Hobotech!! For the off-roading group the weight/portability is a huge factor! I guess I might be a little prejudiced because I have been nothing but happy with my Jackery 500 and 1000! One of the best things I did before I finally got solar panels on the roof of my van to power my fridge. BUT I still use both of my lightweight power options outside to power my Starlink and to keep mine and my friends phones, speakers etc charged while we sit outside enjoying our adventures.
    To clarify, if this is your daily power supply, then NO! If this is for your adventures into the Outback one or two times a month, then YES, this is the ticket.

  9. Perhaps I missed it, but does the 3k allow tandem DC input from a 12v cigarette plug and a solar panel at the same time ? This was noted as not being allowed in the 2k review. Thank you for everything you do.

  10. I have been watching your videos for over a year now. You really drive into the products you review. I have a Skoolie project I have been working on for the past year and I have it about ready for me to move in it. I am getting one of these Jackery 3000s for it. But I am looking at the price of their 200W solar panels in comparison to the 200W solar panels from Renogy and I can get 3 of those for the price of 1 Jackery panel. Do you know if there would be any difference in using 200W Renogy panels instead of the Jackery panels? Or do you know of other panels that cost less but give the same results that you would recommend?

  11. I totally get the value of the smaller systems, but these large, high-wattage, semi-portable options make a lot less sense to me. When you are talking about this kind of money, you are now competing against both a good quality gas generator and a larger, permanent solar system. This can't run even a small window AC or RV AC all night long. It can run big loads for relatively short periods of time. I am sure there are some edge cases like being in an apartment where you absolutely can't have a gas generator or bigger solar system, but I am struggling to see where anybody who has those other options is going to buy this instead.

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