JACKERY EXPLORER 300 Solar Generator Review | 300w Portable Power Station


26 thoughts on “JACKERY EXPLORER 300 Solar Generator Review | 300w Portable Power Station

  1. Great video. So I just got my Jackery 300 from Amazon delivered this past Saturday. It was packaged perfectly and I opened it up and noticed something, sounded like a block is rolling around inside. I tested the 12v plug. All the usb ports and the type c, then I plugged in my iPhone charger to both 110v plugs and nothing happens. In fact, about 8 seconds later the whole Jackery just shuts off. Lol. Kind of not impressed so far. Something rattling around inside, 110 plugs don’t work. Anyone else?

  2. As info for those looking in 2023, the updated model (Explorer 300) has USB C charging that you can use with the other methods to charge all at the same time. I charged one from 47% in less than an hour using the USB C plugged into an Anker 747 plug adapter and the wall charger that is included last night.

  3. HELP NEEDED! Hello sir, I have a Jackery Explorer 300 en route to me, in part because of the info. provided in your videos about it. I went out on a limb buying an “ECEEN Portable Solar Panel Charger for Power Station Generator with USB QC3.0 Quick Charge & Type C Ports” from Amazon, (cost cuttiimg). It is 90W. Would it be possible for you to take a look at it and let me know if you believe I can charge the 300 with it in any way. I’m worried it might not be able to after doing more research. Alternatively, is there a MC4 to 8mm adapter that you are aware of that work with this setup? Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

  4. Great Video, I'm new to power stations, will be using one for ham radio. Do you have any information for the model 290 looks like the 300 has replaced it. I found one new for $235. Any help would be grateful.

  5. My 110w solar panel reads ~118w when it peaks. I believe the 8mm input maxes out at 76w. You can make it charge faster with USB C, with max input of 125w. I want to get the most out of my 110w panel. Anyone know if it's possible to do a y split from my SAE panel, and then convert SAE to USB-C to max the panel's potential? There anyway to route max power from a solar panel to USB-C?

  6. Another great review! Thank you! As far as the light on the generator goes, I don’t mind so much. No, I don’t use it as a flashlight, lol, but can light up the immediate area at home or in the truck bed. Having any light is better than no light… as long as it doesn’t really take away from the generator with minimal use.

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