Jackery Reinvented. SG 2000 Plus: A Massive Update


Jackery has done it. They’ve massively overhauled their latest unit, the Jackery SG 2000 Plus, making it a very competitive …

Date: August 24, 2023

43 thoughts on “Jackery Reinvented. SG 2000 Plus: A Massive Update

  1. Or the Jackie is trying to get to the bigger campers that take 50 amp 240 volt plugins to run them which would be making it even a bigger part of their outdoor situation that the enjoy doing for people who needs it.

  2. Jackery 2,000-plus Would be able to run my kitchen stove indefinitely with solar panels going with two of them together to make 4,000 watts at 240 volts with all their batteries and run one light and that's all it be able to do for me. And that means it might be an idea for me to get but if I get that one I want you to get the pecan Plus or I figured that when I want you to get the jackery one I only get to pecan Plus if its going to take just as many batteries a win-win for me either way. Then I'd have to get something else for my water heater my dryer and for everything else.

  3. Thanks Chris for the update on the Jackery SG 2000 Plus. I’m still looking but the price is what I have to be careful with. A Budget is a Budget. Stay safe everyone and keep prepping every day.

  4. I like the reviews so far on these units however several people say you are basically required to use Jackery's solar panels. For me that is a deal breaker.

  5. I've been comparing Jackery to Bluetti to Ecoflow, since to me these seem the top 3, with Anker a close 4th. Ecoflow and Bluetti seem to compete agressively for my business, but for the life of me I have no idea why anyone would pay the premium that Jackery charges. Based on the comments here I'm not the only one shaking me head at their pricing.

    Right now the Bluetti AC180 looks to be the best bang for my buck as my first portable power station, especially the launch price. A comparable Jackery unit is hundreds more, and I believe has the older Lith-Ion battery tech instead of the newer (safer) Lith-Phos batteries.

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