Jackery Solar Generator 1000 ⚡ 1000W power station + panel combo☀️


23 thoughts on “Jackery Solar Generator 1000 ⚡ 1000W power station + panel combo☀️

  1. See a NEW product launch on Jackery Day 5/12, on their website & social media👉 ⚡We review Jackery’s most popular Solar Generator, a power station & solar panel combo. Sharing features & a breakdown of pros & cons. Links above. 🏡The tiny house lamp shown is a model of our THOW created by: https://tinyloganville.comSee more tiny living gear reviews:

  2. You daisy chain in order to get more watt hours, not to increase wattage output from your 1000watt inverter…To increase my watt hours, I took a 12.8v 100ah LifeP04 battery which gave me 1280 more watts with 4000 cycles and added it to my Jackery Explorer 500 using a socket plug for a connection point at a cost of only $329.00…Of course I still only have the 500 watts from the Jackery but I also got a 2200 watt inverter for the bigger jobs if needed… The possibilities are endless how you can supplement your energy needs with Jackery👍

  3. Really good review, but if you'd like to save you can use a cheaper panel with higher wattage and make it compatible for $20. I did a review on it and its saved me a bunch of money.

  4. I'm looking forward to what they have in store for this year's Jackery Day event. I have 5 reasons why I'm excited, if #5 turns out to be true it's going to be a hit.

  5. I have a Paxcess 500w with 60w solar panel to recharge (as well as car charger and household power recharge) and think it was the best of its kind for what it offered when I got it last year.

    Not going to be in a hurry to jump on the bandwagon again anytime soon. Tech is growing by leaps and bounds right now. Wonder what the latest and greatest will be, at least for a while, after the dust settles?

  6. The Jackery 1000 is not worth the price at this point. With most competitors using lithium iron phosphate that gives 3500 recharge cycles for the same price with higher solar input. It's kinda insane that people still buy these products.

  7. How long will the high prices exist? I have to live on less than $20,000 per year due to a disability. The product sounds wonderful and amazing, but the prices are far and away what is affordable.

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