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  1. Great review, thanks. I just bought. I am going to use it only for my internet router and phone during power failure. I bought Vtoman 1800 for power backup.

  2. What a GREAT review. As a newbie to solar generators, this information was SO helpful and easy to understand. Loved that you showed household uses as the threat of potential blackouts/brownouts is becoming more eminent.
    I am trying to make the best decision for my needs in Phoenix, AZ. I realize that powering a 5 Ton AC unit by solar is not at all feasible unless I had a whole house solar set up.
    So, to my question…What do you recommend to run 2 chest freezers 5cu.ft. and 7cu.ft along with 22cu.ft home refrigerator? My thought is to purchase 2 of these 1500 units. One for the 2 freezers. One for the refrigerator and periodic use of other appliances, TV, Lamps, fans, etc. for a couple days?
    I'm trying to avoid buying a whole house generator as they are noisy and would attract attention like crazy – if you know what I mean. Perhaps it is unavoidable. I'd appreciate your thoughts.
    Again, thank you so much for such a clear and concise and thorough review.

  3. I have the Jackery 500 for when when I used to go trailer amping. I wanted the solar panel, but this set up is fabulous. Oh, and I have dachshunds too!

  4. That you for sharing this information. I didn't realize there was such a big difference between the two battery types for cycles. Very good demonstration in how long it will run a chest freezer.

  5. Awesome unit, Todd! I love the way you explain everything in detail. When we go to buy one of these, we're definitely getting your advice first! Thanks for sharing! You sure are an expert on these generators! 🏆🤗💗

  6. I cannot tell you have many videos I have watched about this unit and NO ONE has explained it as easily as you have. Thank you so very much!!! I am now planning on adding one. I also love the whole: tell them what you'll teach them, teach them, tell them what you taught them. A+++ from Maine, USA

  7. Hi Todd… I am in need of a solar powered generator, but I am not sure what Jackery unit to get. I live in a town and occasionally our power goes out for a couple of days. These are the items I need the generator for. My Cpap machine, cell phone, hot plate, small coffee maker, small compacted fridge, small table lamp or two… and maybe a space heater. Of course, these items would not be used all at the same time. My biggest need is for my Cpap machine, because I can't sleep without it. I am clueless when it comes to wattage, voltage and that power jargon… thought maybe you could recommend a unit that would help fulfill my power needs… Thanks, Tracey (WA state)

  8. I've been toying around with the idea of adding solar to the farm, altho battery backup to allow usage when grid goes down adds a big chunk of change to the bill. We have a gas generator and put transfer switch to the main panel to run essentials like water pump, frig, small chest freezers and various lights. Problem is sometimes the generator doesn't want to start – I can only pull on that sucker for so long till I'm worn out. I've thought about getting one of these units but the main issue is I can't connect a well pump to it as its hardwired. that and our appliances are located in different areas – so it would be very hard to connect them to a single unit – would have to buy multiples and then the price starts increasing when you add up how many units ya might need. For camping/RVing – this would be perfect! Have you guys looked into adding PV to your homestead? Issue I'm coming up with is payback period as cost of KW here in Ohio isn't expensive like it is in other locations. But I'd also like to go green and be part of the climate change solution… but its a big $ project. I'm leaning on purchasing a LP whole house generator 1st – I'm not getting any younger and that 6500 watt gas generator isn't getting any easier to start. We purchased it when the grid went down for 5 days and you quickly realize with no power is no water in the country… and going to the bathroom in a 5 gallon bucket isn't my idea of fun for 5 days.. that and losing all our food supply. of all the portable solar generators you have tested – which is your overall fav?

  9. Very informative Todd, thanks! Our Bluetti EP500 and two SP200 solar panels are amazing however it might be good to have a back up. I move ours around on a garden cart and that helps mobility out on in the yard. We are still working on our YouTube page and hope to get started soon. Thanks Todd, Mike

  10. My question is though, with the problems each could have what do you prefer, generator or solar. I can’t afford both ( wish I could) but each have a limit and with upcoming concerns I need to invest wisely.

  11. Hey Todd, Very fun video lots of good info. My question is The meter tells you how much is coming in and how long to fill battery, also another meter telling how much is going out and how long. Now at any given moment you can see how much is out how much is in simple math will say I am gaining something per hour or I am losing something per hour so it is total of plus or minus. From here can I calculate on the positive how long until battery is fully charged or if the total is negative can I calculate how long until it is dead? (both cases assume that we do not change either the charge or the usage.)

  12. Thanks for sharing.
    That would be great here if I needed due to electric failure.
    We can lose power even when the sun is shining hot on a snowy day.
    Appreciate you sharing all the details. Looks like a solid option.

  13. Thanks for sharing! I’d love to see you test out the usage of different indoor plug-in heaters. I’m very curious as to the comparison between the DeLonghi radiator style vs other styles of plug in heaters. I love the charging ports on the back of the solar panels and how simple it is to use. Wish it had more than 500 full charges. Depends on price I suppose. I’d also like to hear your opinion about the $200 solar kit at HarborFreight. Thanks!

  14. Now if I can only talk my husband into this:) I keep working on him. We had power go out 3 times this year. And it is always when I need a pot of coffee or just one warmed up! And to run my computer to watch you guys would even be better. We have 2 big gas generators but they were both up north until I said please bring the old one back just in case and he did. But it is not as convenient to use as this one and quiet! Thanks Todd!

  15. Very helpful video, the best I’ve seen on the Jackery unit. I learned several things (I’m just starting out learning about solar power systems) One of my big concerns with this unit is that the solar panels are not waterproof, and if you can’t easily hook up to different panels, it makes it much less useful for me. Is there an adapter available that will allow you to hook the power unit up to standard MC4 panels?

  16. I like when you do these videos Todd. Because at least when you do them, you are thorough with your info and explanations. Also, it's just down to brass tacks. "Here's the unit, here's the info, here's the positive and here's the negative. Now go make up your own minds." Well done.

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