Lion Energy Safari LT: Fast Charge Solar Generator -Full Review-


Safari LT can be found here (sponsored link) and $100 dollars off with coupon code “MobileSolar”: …

Date: August 25, 2023

48 thoughts on “Lion Energy Safari LT: Fast Charge Solar Generator -Full Review-

  1. Tests:
    Inverter Max Load Test: 5:46
    Solar Panel Charge Rate Test: 8:47
    Car Charge Test: 9:45
    Capacity Test: 14:55

    Conclusion: 15:26
    Manufacturing Defect: 20:37


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  2. Lion energy lithium ion battery advertising on the box says you need converter, wrong you need inverter. Does lion energy have a qualified engineer that knows the difference

  3. I was able to follow you so what🤣? I live in Louisiana and the Hurrian season is coming in just want it for 2-3days of light out maybe? I just got it today.

  4. Well if they can"t get the ends of the extension cable RIGHT how did the make the rest of the Safari LT? They can keep this unit! Plenty of others others to buy.

  5. Great catch Will; I just found and watched your Lion Energy LT review. I’ve yet to use the 25’ Solar Extension Cable with our Safari ME; bought this unit a year ago for use with our RV. Hopefully Safari fixed the defect, But in any event; I will follow your advice and put some Heat Shrink Tubing around the Anderson Power pole connection to the cable. Overall, I’m very pleased by the Lion Energy ME and the EP. Thank you for that catch, as I’d never even imagine, like many others, pulling off the connectors insulating cover to inspect it.

  6. Wow 😯 after your review it’s a not $buy. Company’s are not ready for a “Will” tested review. I’m looking at this 12 August 2022 as I speed through your reviews staring from the beginning. And I’m thinking 🤔 after the work will company’s fix or update they’re product. Thanks again for your work. In your work through time I’m looking for a comment’s about product that are showing that have done the work to finish the product to “Will” standards and Be a good $buy. Thanks 😊.

  7. so none of these have a 12 volt output that works? PIty… I am a ham radio operator I might use the inverter but I will use the 12 v out…..guess I need to build my own

  8. Love going back thru your older videos now that I found you channel. Some of your stuff is over my head, but the more I watch, the more I understand. A saying from my business "the things you learn when you think you know it all… that's the best!"
    Thanks Will, keep up the good work. And please be safe.

  9. Late post because I've kept this same unit for emergency purposes and didn't test it out too much. Since I use a CPAP machine, I used some remaining medical flex spending account funds to get this unit (came with the fast charger, slow charger, solar panels, and some camping lights). The way the buttons have worked for me is you need to hold them in when turning on/off the power and outputs. I was able to test the unit in a real-world scenario lately when we had electrical issues in our house and I had to kill the circuit breaker with 9 bedroom outlets on it. So, I used the unit for my CPAP machine for over a week until the wiring was fixed. Not realizing I had a fast charger with everything else in a box, and thinking I had only one charger (the slow one), I was connecting the slow charger every day to recharge the unit during daytime hours. It would take up to 9 hours to charge! From now on, I'll use the fast charger (3 hours will be much better than 9)! Really, I wanted to have this in case the power is completely out and the fact that it can quickly charge via the solar panels, which I also purchased. It will be a nice backup to my propane/gas generator (used for heavier loads).

  10. Wow , just steered me away! If the company addresses these issues I'll definitely buy from them I love their company!. So glad I watched this I hope they appreciate your knowledge! Thanks!

  11. I wonder what the manufacturing cost saving is using non-regulated 12v output over a regulated 12v output? Is the cost-saving justified with the resulting loss in functionality?

  12. I just got refunded from jackery . I purchased the explorer 1500 the unit would not charge past 30% very upset with jackery . I seen it happens with the goal zero units as well.

  13. Thanks for the video. Note to the manufacturer, and all other manufacturers… You better listen to this guy's recommendations. What Lion Energy did by shipping this unit to Mr. Prowse was they "Crowd Sourced their Chief Technology Officer."

  14. a lotta rv stuff is 12v appliances on the road using a self contained battery and electronics, but using a gen or 110v hookup, then u can have all the conveniences of home>

  15. How a company can make a unit like this and not have a regulated 12v I will never know.. AC50s seems like a much better buy and is cheaper with more capacity, but has a smaller inverter and slightly slower charging.

  16. Wow, kinda brutal, but I appreciate the reviews. I'm shopping for both a 500W (or so) portable system plus a home backup system. These are very helpful. Personally, I don't care about the unregulated 12V car port and I suspect the cable source is not the same as the source for this product. I'm leaning toward this one right now.

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