Lion Energy Safari ME + XP Solar Generator – Expandable Power Station To Power Anything!


In this video, I will review the expandable Safari ME portable power station from Lion Energy. Lion Energy is an American …

Date: August 24, 2023

10 thoughts on “Lion Energy Safari ME + XP Solar Generator – Expandable Power Station To Power Anything!

  1. Thanks for the review! Does this system allow for charging, solar, while it is providing power? It can be charging with solar and provide power to the fridge and computer at the same time? Thanks!

  2. milwaukee recently came out with a 4-battery inverter that's kinda picky about batteries and boasts big claims (especially about pure sine waves)
    you should check that one out before black friday is over lol

  3. A note on the unexpected UPS function: technically all those so called "solar generators" can serve as uninterruptible power supplies but very inefficient ones. It's Because they have double conversion loses: first in the AC to DC charging and then in DC to AC inverter. A real UPS does not have those loses, it supplies AC directly to consumer unit, until it detects power was interrupted, only then it starts the inverter and synchronizes the AC wave with minimal disturbance (called switching time).

  4. Looks interesting but without the power IO data its a hard no for me. Hopefully they will update next version with IO power data. I have mixed feelings on the power cord, one view you cannot loose it but being IEC popularity most people have spares. On the other view if it ever gets damaged no convenient way to replace. I will have to take a look at there line of products the unit looks well built.

  5. I don’t know if you’ve already done this (just found your channel); I need a 240V outlet to power my water pump for my water collection system. We are off grid for water so we have ~ 40,000 gallons in tanks. Need to power the pump and purification when idiots drive into the power line poles…

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