Mango Power E Solar Generator Power Station Update


The Mango Power E is definitely a great unit, but you need to be aware of this.

Date: August 24, 2023

32 thoughts on “Mango Power E Solar Generator Power Station Update

  1. Literally EVERYONE who has reviewed one of these had issues with the app; specifically, they could NOT register their unit(s) on it and therefore could not access the features that only the app has. For me, to BE FORCED to have to use the app to use the unit is a deal breaker. We are in the market for these and this means Mango Power E Solar Generator Power Station is a "NO!" for us for this reason alone – we will be using it in places where there is no wifi and no phone use. If they fix this prior to us buying our unit, we'll consider Mango Power. If not, they won't even be considered.

  2. I am having these exact same problems brother. Every single word you are saying is true. I’ve been talking to mango to try to figure out what’s going on. The one I hav been testing will not take a charge from the wall while ac or dc output is in operation. (No pass through charging) I don’t get it. It’s a great unit but the flaws are totally not acceptable. Great customer service but I sure wish I didn’t have to call them.✌🏽

  3. My Mango Power E was stolen, would it be worth me calling customer support and giving them the serial number for them to track it from there app software or is there a way I can track it from my app. Any help would be appreciated……

  4. Well since you made this video 3 months ago you probably got a new one right now and you're protesting it and that's good enough probably to watch that video to to see what you say and then I might order one or actually 2.

  5. There still might be some issues with new ones but it is takes care of lot of lot of the issues and if they can act you access to the app on the generator for most of the issues that a good thing and yes I do like the generator when can afford it I'm going to buy the generator which would be the newest sort of the generator I guess and that's good cuz that takes care of all the issues I probably would ever have with it even if there's any other issues I pray you never find out about those I would use it for a particular thing and nothing else and only with solar charging no other type of charging.

  6. I ordered a Mango Power E on December 30 2022 and was promised to ship the next week. The next week I received an email telling me that all units were sold out and my order could not be fulfilled until the end of Feb 2023. They did however send the solar panels even though they charged me the full payment of over $6000 to my credit card. I hope that they will ship and these new units don't have all of the issues that you have referred to in this video. Has anyone else ordered and been told that the end of this month is the ship date? I tried to contact Minute Man Prep prior to my ordering this unit by email from his website but I never received any reply. I did try to order with MMP because I enjoy his work and influence. Thank you for all you do!.

  7. I reached out to you for a recommendation and got a very nice reply from Kathy (wife?). Her suggestion for my needs was the EcoFlow Delta Pro. I had no idea there were as many competing brands in this field. Thank you for your time to review (honestly!). My biggest hesitation of ordering from EcoFlow is their not so stellar customer service. If I decide to take the plunge, I'll share my experience….if that's appropriate.

  8. Ok Mango or Apollo after they get the Apollo fixed for an off grid cabin that will run a Frig and a small Freezer along with lights. My two Bluetti's do it but they don't always charge up on a bad weather day so I'm looking for something that will last a few days.

  9. The more I read about these cheap solar generators the more I’m leaning towards a more trusted and proven brand like Victron energy.

    Not portable sure, but still modular and quite powerful and excellent quality for not much more than some of these solar generator packages.

  10. I have some friends who will be totally offgrid and they were looking at this unit. I have to say its a bit disappointing that companies put out these units without making sure you are getting a quality product from the get go. Thanks very much Ben!

  11. The product does not have any NRTL safety certifications at all. Not having UL or ETL is a deal breaker for me, but this thing doesn't even have CE, which is self-certification. Obviously, the first production run was not tested by anyone, or else they decided to ship them anyway. You're basically doing their engineering for them. Thank you.

  12. So basically stay away from this company for 6 months until they get their act together and fix all the software issues. It looks like they released a device that was not ready All these issues are not accidents you are basically a beta tester hell I would even go as far as saying an alpha tester.

  13. Not sure what the deal with Mango is. The Kickstarter campaign with the Union basically was a dumpster fire. No app access as well, along with most units going undelivered even until now. I'm seeing a disturbing trend. Hopefully they will pull it together. Thanks again for your integrity.

  14. Just found your channel and subscribed.
    So, it really doesn't sound like the best option. Delta Pro seems to be a better product. It's more expensive, but we don't need failures at a time of need.
    Looking forward to you tests on the new product.

  15. I have seen with bms until you take the battery down to where you want to go like 2.8 each cell then back up to 3.5 or 3.65 if you want it maxed it will not be accurate. they learn what you use. I do 3.1 to 3.45 so mine thinks that is 100% when in fact its only around 88% or so give or take a couple.

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