Mango Power E Solar Generator Review


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Date: August 24, 2023

24 thoughts on “Mango Power E Solar Generator Review

  1. Great review. A really great portable unit, however do you know if there are any plans to manufacture specific fixed home units?
    I have no need for all the outlets, I just want to power the whole house with it, while topping it up / and or using solar panels.
    Basically, I want to only use the grid in an absolute emergency!

  2. I WON'T be buying the Mango Power Station. I was really hyped about it from another video I saw but I've now watched TWO videos where NEITHER of the reviewers were able to connect to the app because they could not register their station. MANGO POWER: JUST SET UP YOU APP TO ACCEPT ANY NUMBER! SHEESH! DO YOU REALLY THINK ANYONE WILL USE YOUR APP WHO DOESN'T HAVE ONE?? Whatever. Get a clue.

  3. Purchased about 2 weeks. Curious if you experienced any of these issues I’m currently experiencing:
    The mobile App is not active yet—Mango keeps saying one more week, but still not connecting to unit.

    AC power outlets shut off when unit is near 50%. Firmware update is supposed to correct this issue but it has not yet.

    No AC power while unit is receiving charge. It’s supposed to provide power even while plugged in to grid. At least that’s my understanding.

    Purchased Mango solar panels. Unit is not showing it’s being charged by panels even in 100% sunlight.

  4. If you use diesel heaters for the heat and probably the mini splits for the air conditioning and I guarantee you can run all of that off of this with some solar panels and a UPS backup and I'm thinking you'll be in heaven. We need to start implementing this in everything My God we need to stop putting all this power of consumption crap in our houses we've got to get these power sources in these homes and screw the grid

  5. Still with the "Power Generator." People simply won't stop saying it, out of utter obstinate stupidity. Fine. Please start all such reviews by showing how it achieves the miracle of generating power from nothing. We're waiting.

  6. It looks good, but must agree with other commenter that 240VA limited to 25 Amps is practically useless for many homes.
    Additionally, I would consider re-labeling the outlets. The way I see it, labeling the outlet as 30A when its only capable of 25A is going to make people unhappy.

  7. Lots of comprehensive info, thanks for the thorough and knowledgeable review. A suggestion: Please leave spaces between sentences. It's a lot to digest at once. breathe.

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