Micro Solar Generator Buyer’s Guide! Jackery vs Rockpals vs Expertpower


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Date: August 24, 2023

22 thoughts on “Micro Solar Generator Buyer’s Guide! Jackery vs Rockpals vs Expertpower

  1. Video Table of Contents:
    0:33 Battery Size vs. Cost
    1:05 Solar Input Limit and How to Overpanel
    3:11 Watt Hour Capacity
    3:25 How to attach 12v appliances to a solar generator
    6:03 Estimated lifetime and how to extend it

    6:45 Charge Rate Test
    9:51 MPPT Low Light Test
    11:42 Low Voltage Charging Test
    13:24 USB Output Test
    15:46 12v Output Test

    12:52 Importance of Fast Charge Rate
    18:52 How to choose and wire up a solar panel
    20:32 Conclusion

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  2. Yo i have a jackery and it does power slowly like for real but it does what it needs to, I’m happy with my out doors jackery I purchased mine at harbor freight in Kingman AZ, i also bought a solar panel kit from them i use to charger my system,

  3. I've used two Rockpals 250W battery packs for the past 3 years. Sadly it's not enough power anymore for me. With the Rockpals I can power a camcorder and field monitor for about 10 hours. If I add two more items I use.for streaming then it cuts down to 2 hours. So I have been on the hunt and I just purchased the Jackery Pro 1000 for $799. Can't wait for it. I like Rockpals but they can't decide on a consistent color scheme: orange/black, silver/red, gray/green. Jackery seems to be consistent. Now I am looking at a 2000W generator. I like these buyers guides. Thank you.

  4. Hi Will, have you ever herd of this brand ALLPOWERS S700 Portable Power Station 700W, MPPT Solar Generator 606Wh. and can you give me the link to your utube video formula for watts from volts ect.thanks jon

  5. Uhh i got a question and can't find an answer anywhere after searching, so, i saw where they make an attachment where you can charge your car battery from the jackery, but question is if it is possible or if there is an attachment where you could charge the jackery by hooking it directly up to a car battery? like if you went into an autozone and bought a 50$ car battery or whatever if for whatever reason solar power was too slow, i think it would work great in conjunction with solar power that way if it worked. i think the only drawback if it would work is the car battery you'd be using would deplete pretty fast even though i dont really understand how these things work.

  6. Can you please help me. I have an ebike. The battery is a 48/21. I am just wanting a small generator to carry with me just in case I get out and need a little battery boost. These ate dmall and easy to carry. I am very aware it won't get me but about a quarter charge but that would mean 10 to 15 miles for me. Would these be able to charge my ebike battery. Thanks for the video and help.

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