Midea 5,000 BTU AC Powered by My Solar Generator (Delta Pro) During Power Outage


In this video, I show what we do to cool our room when there is a power outage during the summer. We use a Delta Pro and extra …

Date: August 24, 2023

18 thoughts on “Midea 5,000 BTU AC Powered by My Solar Generator (Delta Pro) During Power Outage

  1. We have 2 of these units for the same reason. We also live in Texas about 70 miles from the coast and with hurricanes and the potential for power loss they come in handy. We paid about $140 each from Wallymart. We just used ours this week when the txp valve went out on the central ac unit and they take no time to cool down a room. We do have a dual fuel generator but I will certainly be adding a solar and battery set-up! Thanks for sharing your set-up.

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  3. Im thinking of buying a delta pro and 1 400 watt portable solar panel. Do you think that would run a 25 cu ft. Refrigerator/freezer for a good amout of time. Also I have a new Ai power 2000 dual fuel inverter generator. Would that help recharge the DP back up alo g with the solar panel at the same time?

  4. Good setup I do the same thing. If you can spring for the media u or an inverter AC of similar btu's it's better. The media u 8000 btu starts up at about 800 watts and pipes down to about 300 to 400 watts constant after the room is cool

  5. I found a lightly used Toshiba model but it's probably from the same factory for $50. I have a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter and some solar panels. Hmm 🤔

  6. I have a similar A/C suppose to put out 5000 BTUs the running watts is about 395 not sure what the start up is, i think its got a soft start because my 1000 Watt Bestek Pure sign Wave inverter doesn't even blink on startup. It really doesn't get that cold for my 144 sq foot living room. It 78 * and had the A/C running for about an hour and a half. The start temp was 81 its drop a whole 3 * whooo hoooo.The is A/C belongs in a small room its seem to get much cooler. BTW my Living room faces East, where i get about 7 hours of full sunlight that doesnt help to keep things cool.

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