Natures Generator Powerhouse Review – Unboxing, Assembly, & Testing


This is my review of the Nature’s Generator Powerhouse solar generator. My article on the Powerhouse goes into more detail and …

Date: August 25, 2023

27 thoughts on “Natures Generator Powerhouse Review – Unboxing, Assembly, & Testing

  1. Don't worry about to handle it myself I have other ways of doing it just by trying to pick it up myself without other people help and besides they also call me a beast so I think I be able to do something my self. I'm more worried about the people delivering it how they could handle it cuz I may not be home when you get ran over to my house and I wouldn't want anybody to strain themselves over it.

  2. If you hook up your whole house to it you might pull pretty close to 7200 w especially if you have a electric water heater electric kitchen stove which together would go over 7200 watts. I'm not running at the same time the water heater not always running at 4800 watts and just probably just a little bit of 7200 w. But you probably want to have a bigger battery and more solar panels so you could efficiently charge it.

  3. 961 with 2 /410 watt solar panels that is really good cuz it only should be 820 watts and that's consistent of a hundred percent of a solar panel of two solar panels so it's so the pain was giving more than 410 watts now I really like those solar panels.

  4. Disconnect to disconnect the c4 connectors they're plastic and they break easily you got to be careful with him I wish they would have made steel or iron one's or something like that.

  5. Also, could you do a video of running the 240v/30a plug? Like an electric dryer or something that would really push the unit? (Most dryers hit 5,000+W in the first start up)

  6. Have been trying to determine the voltage/amp requirements for their solar input. Nothing listed in the manual or on their site. I'm guessing somewhere around 150v? They sell it with (4) 410w Panels at 37v. Assuming you can string all 4 in series, that puts your around the 150v mark. Wish there was more information on this. Also, very odd that they don't sell the powerhouse in arrangements without the solar panels.

  7. I have the Elite system with 2000 watts of solar, (4 panels) and the wind turbine. I am running 3 minisplit heat systems off the generator, averaging 10 hours daily since the beginning of 2023 in the northeast. all 3 systems run on 120AC. 2 are 9000btu and the 3rd is 12000btu. I have had a few occasions where the minisplits ran all night. Otherwise, at night before I go to bed, I am switching the generator over to AC Charge, and unplug the AC in the morning when I get up. r for @ 6 hours daily, based on the performance thus far. Unfortunately, the windmill does not work very often in my area. IT is rated for 1000 watts. I do expect to be able to run the minisplits 24×7 during the summer months for cooling, as well as being able to run our pool filter which runs off 240AC. This is a nice feature with these solar generators. My biggest complaint with this system is that you cannot draw any power from it while it is charging via AC. I am quite happy with this system as I am able to heat the main floor of my home and saving some money on Oil, even though I am charging this system nightly via AC.

  8. Can you power loads while charging? Pass thru charging is a major plus or major downer if it can't. I'd love to see how the turbine works out especially in winds under 25mph which is a good gust but rarely a constant at least here in Appalachians of MA.

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