New! Bluetti AC500: Is it worth the money? Fast review!


0:00 Intro 0:11 AC300 VS AC500 1:22 Downsides of AC500 4:54 What everyone is missing *Does off-grid solar confuse you?

Date: August 25, 2023

24 thoughts on “New! Bluetti AC500: Is it worth the money? Fast review!

  1. At 5:16 the "workaround" is to use the "PV Priority" UPS Mode, which is what mine is set to. You control at what % battery charge (0 to 100%) you want the system to switch over to Grid power at night. My fridge stays plugged into the AC500 24/7, so naturally I don't want my food going bad should the batteries run out of juice before the sun comes up. I balanced the load so that the batteries will last until morning, but if it's very cloudy the next morning it will switch over to Grid power before the batteries are completely drained, (it will draw 1600 watts from the wall outlet). So the AC500 NEVER shuts down.
    While more 120v outlets would be nice, all you need are a few cheapo power strips to plug in multiple gadgets, which also helps hide all the wiring and extension cords.
    On a side note, with 5 batteries, I'm running one of two window A/C units 24/7 to simulate a Grid failure disaster. People do die from excessive heat, and Las Vegas summers average 118 degrees. I'm running an LG 8000 btu window A/C almost all day and night, unless it's cloudy, then I switch to a super efficient Fridigdaire 5000 btu unit. Along with powering my fridge, the batteries never run down to zero %, (but if they do the Grid power will kick in.)

  2. love all your reviews on power and youve taught me a lot.. i have a Bluetti AC300 in a campervan and its running perfect.. im trying to build some battery banks that will let me go off grid for days at a time.. my question. With the AC300 PV charging input having 2 different legs. Can i run my solar array into 1 side and then another battery bank into the other PV input side ?? like a Tesla S module ?? thanks

  3. Glad you are pursuing portable EV charging. Ultimately would like to see a relatively lightweight way to significantly extend range using modular portable 10kW level 2 or higher technology.

  4. What do you think, power stations or making my own battery bank with inverter charge controller and battery monitor? I'm trying to run AC in a tent at 90+ temps, and I wanna get this right. I also feel like I could get way more solar input that way.

  5. Thanks Will. You saved me from buying the AC500. I have a 50 amp camper with 220 mini split. That would have really pissed me off to discover that it's only a single phase 120v connector with a dead leg. Total BS.

  6. I dont get why you want more outlets, the most likely use case is to power a home or rv which already has plugs. You should be plugging into a surge protected power strip anyway to add extra protection to your $3000 system. You then go on to complain about all the wires on the side being ugly, whats it going to look like with 6 plugs in the front!

  7. Hello from Europe where we have 230/240v units. We do still have similar problems with the AC500 though. Unfortunately I have only recently watched your "Not supporting crowdfunded" video, else it may have correctly swayed me from purchasing the Bluetti unit. For several months I have been in ongoing talks regarding SOC issues. With 100% charge I see a 3-5% variance on discharge to around 20% which is fine. If I set 90% Max SOC as a charge parameter, on the first full charge cycle I can see a 16% variance ie 98% Batt1 and 82% Batt2, which increases to around 18% on first discharge. Bluetti have said 10% variance is normal and blamed it on the individual battery curves. I understand how because of the flat curve of the LifeP04 batteries the BMS could get lost with correct SOC after sometime, but I fail to see how with 90% SOC as a fairly good voltage reference point, the system lets things get this bad so quickly.

    I was just wondering if you had done any longer term testing of the AC500?
    My gut feeling is that Bluetti need a wake up call and the message needs to reach potential customers before they, like me, buy a product that does not do what it says on the tin….. I feel a couple of Bluetti videos coming up!

    Thanks for the great work you do Will, much appreciated by us newbies and I am sure more experienced people 🙂

  8. If house already has solar panels installed, how the home solar connect to the AC500? And how auto switch braker works if there is any one available for this AC500?!

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