NEW EcoFlow DELTA 2 LiFePO4 1800w solar generator


37 thoughts on “NEW EcoFlow DELTA 2 LiFePO4 1800w solar generator

  1. I love it ! BUT I see a major flaw. If you have the delta 2 and the delta 2 extra battery and wanted to charge them with the smart generator you cant use the smart DC chargeing port unless you wanted to do 1 t a time. It needs an extra smart DC port. I would love to have the genertator charge both at the same time and use the smart port. This way I could have it charge back at camp and me at the lake and when I come back The generator will be off and my delta's will be fully charged for the evening. other then that 1 thing they are great now that they are useing LIFEPO4 cells, MMC are trash for longevity. Thanks for the review it was great.

  2. If camping :- Can you run a fan heater, a hairdryer, a cooker, a microwave? Some lights?

    Then next day can you recharge it when driving around through the car cigarette lighter.

  3. Great video, but overly positive. Did not address ecoflow's poor customer service. High rate of defective equipment beyond a week of simple tests. Before you can only control via internet and wifi, now finally it has Bluetooth. My only concern is with the need for internet access to control and upgrade software, doesn't this give the CCP and Xshiiit face Jinping complete control over your power bank? I was planning to purchase through Costco or Amazon, but the complaints are numerous and all concentrated around a few major issues. All issues are routed through china, practically worthless with anything getting solved there. Purchasing via Costco you can return, anywhere else you cannot return! But you can play the return for exchange game with a high rate of failure and many weeks of attempts with Ecoflow.

  4. If you had the additional battery connected, how do you use the gas powered generator to recharge. Wasn’t there only the one port? If so how do you recharge the extra battery during a power failure, can you recharge the additional battery from the gas generator directly?

  5. This not an EcoFlow….it's a delta. NO!! It's a Chinese piece of junk that is being used along with lots of other stuff in order to flood our nation with crap.

  6. Outstanding video. Yesterday, I met the inventor of the Delta in a meeting that EcoFlow were gathering feedbacks from owners of units. These EcoFlow personnel showed 💯 politeness so I’m grateful and honored for that experience. They flew from China to San Juan… unbelievable…

  7. One important note. The AC output on this unit I believe has a floating Neutral. To plug this unit into an appliance the Neutral/Ground must be bonded first. Generators can be bonded by connecting the Neural and Ground wire together inside (Bonded) the generator or now you can plug one of the available AC output plugs, a bonding plug. If not bonded and a metal frame appliance was plugged into a floating Neutral and a wiring malfunction accorded where the Hot wire connected with the metal chassis the circuit breaker would not trip leaving the metal chasses hot with a shock hazard. If this unit is bonded and it is plugged into AC for charging this connection will be bonded, unless there is an internal transfer switch to separate the two bonds. Code does not allow two bonds on the same circuit. There are workarounds for this.

  8. What sizes have a 30 amp outlet so I can plug my RV into it to boost my on board house batteries up when off grid and not using the generator and not having a solar system.?

  9. I've watched a number of reviews for the Delta 2 and, in fact, one will be delivered to me next week. One thing the reviewers never seem to discuss is discharging the unit. I only intend to use mine in case the power goes out so I can maybe have a cup of coffee and keep my internet up. Those instances are fairly rare – maybe once a year. EcoFlow tells me that for long-term storage, I cannot keep the unit connected to the mains all the time to keep it fully charged. They say that will damage the battery. When disconnected from the mains, they recommend discharging the unit and recharging it every 3 months. And, they say if that isn't done at least every 6 months, they will not honor the warranty (Page 12 of the user manual.) Doing that every three months seems like a bit of a pain. I asked them how to properly discharge it and they suggested hooking it up to a high-wattage appliance like a microwave. But that would mean having to run a 1,000W microwave for a long period of time (close to an hour). I also wouldn't want to use something like a heat gun or cube heater – especially in the summer. I've searched online for some type of commercially made discharge unit but haven't found anything. Only thing I can think of is to use a 500W light bulb for a couple hours. That will produce heat too, but seems like a simple solution. I'm open to better suggestions though.

  10. Your refrigerator has a defrost cycle + or – 500 watts, and a run cycle at + or – 250 watts with that said it’s on and off on a cycle. In a 24 hr the defrost may only be once in 24 hrs, the run my be on for 15 min and off for 1 hr. With all that said a watts meter could give you a run total in 24 hrs or a live test in use for 24 hours with the generator. So you can’t just look at the data plate. It’s a test that’s needed. Thanks

  11. Can you plug into Delta twos together? The reason I’m asking is that extra battery has no controls on it and it does not like look like it can be used as a separate unit which to me is a negative. I’d rather have two separate units that I can use in separate locations but still have the ability to hook them together if I need to. Thank you

  12. Can you recommend a SINGLE hard residential solar panel that will max the input wattage but stay within the recommended volts and amps? Affiliate link preferred so I can help the channel. Thanks

  13. Thanks for the through video, do you know if this manufacture offers an international version? Ie do they have localised versions to work in Australia 240V, with different connection plugs.

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